Cool Cat News

Principal Brief

May 16 - 20

Fantastic STAAR week Cool Cats! Thanks for working as a team to get it all done! Two things I am certain about - 1. Hartman is the best place on earth to be an educator. All of our accomplishments and awards are the evidence of your hard work and success. 2. This is the time of year where EVERYONE gets tired. Finish strong Cool Cats- let us know your needs, we are happy to help!

Big thanks to Krista, who organized STAAR so that it was seamless. This does not happen by accident, lots of time and effort were put in to make sure our Cool Cats were all taken care of. Third and fourth grade teachers started tutoring in August so that our students were not just prepared but were able to achieve an advanced score. Saturday school teachers spent time building relationships and worked with our students in areas of need, so that all our Cool Cats could experience success. The "Our House" song was perfect- Rogers and Haskins might have a future in singing- with Klingbeil directing! The hallway was greatness- Holder and Shuler spent many hours getting the hallway ready for the students- Prek- 2nd grade teachers and students spent time making posters and cards to encourage our kids. All of these extra things you do are the heart of Hartman. We have pride here and it shows! #hartmanpride

4th Grade Track Meet - It will take place at Wylie Stadium. It will begin at 9:30am and end at 1:30 pm. Students need a sack lunch, water bottle, and running shoes. Parents are welcome to come and cheer the Cool Cats on. For safety reasons, all adults must have a background check on file in order to enter the track meet. If not, parents will be required to come back to Hartman and check-in. Thanks for reminding your parents!

PLC's Continue to work through EOY data and complete data cards. Please identify students who qualify for Jumpstart- K & 4th - Krista will attend your PLC's to discuss kinder and 4th grade graduation.

The Wylie Way Awards- A reminder to nominate! We have some great acts of heroic service the past few months. We have wonderful PTA reps, volunteers and community members that would be worthy of a nomination. If you would like to nominate someone for the Board of Trustees Wylie Way Awards, please click on the link.


K-3 Teachers - The 84th legislature passed several bills that promoted the implementation of 3-day literacy and math achievement academies. Within the stipulations of that legislation, your campus meets the criteria that allows eligible teachers the first opportunity to attend these academies and receive a stipend. Please read the following information carefully as it contains guidelines when registering.

General Information

The literacy and math academies will each address different grade levels. Each grade level will have a separate academy. So, it is encouraged that campuses send teachers from an entire grade level to an academy rather than a subset of teachers from that grade level.

  • Literacy- grades K and 1 (separate academies for each grade level)

  • Math- grades 2 and 3 (separate academies for each grade level)

For this initial implementation we kindly ask that teachers attend either a math OR literacy academy rather than both in order to ensure that eligible teachers receive the opportunity to attend at least one academy. The sessions will be offered again next summer, so the choice of academy to attend first should be guided by campus data and initiatives.

Stipends & Eligibility

Teachers responsible for teaching English Language Arts/Reading or math will be given stipends of $350 for attending. Verification of attendance will be required to process payments, and teachers must attend all three days of the academies. Principals, instructional coaches, or curriculum directors can attend an academy but may not receive a stipend.


Registration for eligible teachers will begin the week of May 16 and extend through May 27. After this time, remaining spots will be made available to all teachers in Region 10. To see locations where academies are scheduled, go to . Please note that as we receive more information from TEA, some of these locations may change.

Please let me know if you are not able to attend an academy.

Health of our Cool Cats - IMPORTANT! Please keep Nurse Paige and I updated regarding your students health needs. Most of the time, classroom teachers are the first point of contact for parents. If a student has an illness, goes to the ER/hospital, etc. please send and email to Nurse Paige and I.

Demolition Begins June 4th! We are packing up the library, offices, lounge, workroom, etc. the last week of school. The lounge will not be available due to packing- sorry, but please plan your lunches accordingly, we will be packing the microwave and throwing out food from the fridge. We will have a teacher table set up in the cafeteria or you can use your classrooms for lunch. On the bright side, we will all have a nice new lounge to enjoy for next year!

Great Reads this week!

Learning Fun with @TigglyKids

This would be a great grant idea- or maybe a purchase through Title 1. If you are interested let me know!

This is a good article called "Slowing Down to Learn" - great reminders about the power of wait time!

Upcoming Dates:

5/16 - Field Trip to Ft. Worth - 4th Grade

5/17 - 4th Grade Harrison tour, Adventure Dash Fun Run (during rotation), Shawna is at TTESS training

5/18 Retired teachers to give books- Library- Pre-k 8a.m. & 1:00p.m., Kinder 9a.m.

K-2 RTI, Shawna is at TTESS training

5/19 Shawna at TTESS training

5/20 4th Grade Track Meet, 3rd Grade Field Trip to the Dallas World Aquarium