Roanoke River

by Xander Smith


The Roanoke River is located in southern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina.

Importance of Estuaries

Estuaries are very important features in ecosystems. They provide homes for many organisms. They also filter water naturally and protect habitats. Estuaries prevent flooding as well.

Plants and Animals

  • sea turtles
  • egrets
  • ducks
  • oak trees
  • prickly pears
  • otters
  • swans
  • bald eagles

Other Rivers in the Roanoke Area

  • cape fear river
  • haw river
  • neuse river


Human industrialization is a serious threat to many rivers in North Carolina. Pollution as simple as littering can destroy life sources, such as the Cape Fear River. The Cape Fear River is very polluted in some areas, due to humans being careless and not caring for the environment. Not many people know that a large amount of our drinking water comes from the Cape Fear River. Polluting the waters would not only lead to the downfall of our rivers and wildlife, but to our own downfall.
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