Scientific summer project

Look At Me

My dad and I used our kayaks to go fishing on Vernon lake. While we were fishing it started to rain so our fishing got cut short.Also we went in our kayaks to get to the place we were fishing. Me and my dad caught some smallmouthbass and largemouth in our kayaks. We were at Vernon lake in Arbor Vitae Wisconsin.We went in late August and it was 6 o'clock when we arrived at the lake.We took out kayaks on the water with paddles.I brought one fishing rod and reel on the kayak with a Zoom trick worm with a yellow neon tail. It was fun to fish and it was easy to loose track of time. We were only thinking about the next big catch and not about the end of summer.

Look At Me

The Science of it

The Water Cycle

The sun heats the ocean then the ocean water evaporates and turns into a gas called water vapor.Then the water vapor cools and condenses to become droplets which forms clouds.If enough water condenses the drops become heavy enough to fall to the ground as rain and snow. Some rain collects in the ground.The rest flows through rivers back to the ocean.

When the lure hits the water

Newton's first law is that every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an extended force is applied.The force is when the lure is casted into the air.It stops because of it hitting the water and the friction of the reel.The lure I was using was a zoom trick worm with a yellow neon tail and it doesn't cast that far because it's a lite lure.If I were using a heavier lure I could cast it farther because there is more friction so more line comes out of the bale.

I Wonder

1:How fast were we going when the waves hit the boat?

2:How fast was the rain coming down?

3:How fast does a bass swim in the water?

4:How fast do clouds move?

5:Why doesn't the rain go down to the earths core when the ground can't suck up any more water?

6:How long does it take for the water in the ground to runoff back into the ocean?