Jean Massieu Academy

Eagles Newsletter 2017-2018 - Volume 1

Important Dates

Scholastic Book Fair: October 23rd - 27th

Picture day is coming October 10th
Red Ribbon Day: October 24th
JMA Fall Festival: October
27th (Watch for more Information)
Thanksgiving Holiday: November 20th - 24th
Winter Program: December 7th @ 6:30pm
Winter Break: December 18th - January 1st
Students & Staff Return: January 2nd
End of 1st Semester: January 12th
MLK Holiday - Students & Staff: January 15th
Start of 2nd Semester:
January 16th

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From The Fox's Den

Fall Greetings to all of our Jean Massieu Academy community members. Our students, teachers and staff are off to another great start this school year. The teacher are rigorously teaching the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills which can be assessed at The teachers have spent many hours in training over the summer and over the course of the past few weeks to bring new ideas and innovative lessons to teach the students at Jean Massieu Academy.

Our vision and goal at JMA is to provide a competitive, quality education to students with individualized attention to meet the needs of every student. We continue to offer high quality instruction and we are always changing so we can meet the needs of the students. This year we have added ART II to the high school program, Computer Technology and some other CTE courses, Our ASL (American Sign Language) classes are still going strong with instruction being offered to elementary, middle school and high school students. The first 9 weeks quarter ended on October 19th and report cards will go home on October 25th. Our 2nd Annual Fall Festival will take place on Friday, October 27th starting at 3:30 pm and ending at 6:30 pm. Please come and join us for food, games and good family fun!

We have amazing and very talented staff at Jean Massieu Academy who continue to strive for excellence. Please feel free to stop by our campus anytime to see the exciting things we are doing and we move into another successful school year.

Monica Fox,


Exciting Things are happening at JMA!

  • We "Met Standard' for the 3rd year in a row on our TEA accountability rating for the 2017-2018 school year!
  • Money for Marlins Fundraiser for our friends at the Port Aransas ISD
  • 2nd Annual Fall Festival
  • Scholastic Book Fair


Recipe for ASL

1/2 cup refined American sign

1/4 cup natural gestures

1/4 cup manual alphabet

1 cup facial expressions

Mix all ingredients gracefully in the Deaf Community

Sprinkle with a handful of care

Add a dash of visual love

Brush with bodily energy

Pour in Deaf Culture

Add Deaf pride to suit you taste

Serve for all to enjoy!

JMA Eagles Report

Parenthood - Tips for your Child's Success in School

It should come as no surprise that success — or failure — at school starts at home.

The good news is that those same studies also show higher test scores for students who live in homes where healthy habits, regular routines, and good communication exist. Follow these tips and watch your child thrive.

1. Enforce Healthy Habits

To help your child have the best chance at doing well in school, make sure she follows healthy habits at home. Choose a bedtime that will give your child plenty of sleep, and provide a healthy breakfast each morning. Encourage exercise and limit the amount of time she spends watching TV, playing video games, listening to music, or using the computer.

2. Stick to a Routine

Most kids thrive on structure and will respond well to routines that help them organize their days. In our house, for example, my son gets dressed, makes his bed, and eats breakfast while I make his lunch and pack his school bag with completed homework and forms. When he gets home in the afternoon, I serve him a snack and he does his homework while I prepare dinner. Your routines may differ, but the key is to make it the same every day so your child knows what to expect.

3. Create a “Launch Pad”

Veteran parents know it’s important to have a single place to put backpacks, jackets, shoes, lunchboxes, and school projects each day. Some call it a “launch pad,” while others call it a “staging area.” Whatever you call it, find a place where your child can keep the items he needs for school each day and keep him organized. Then you’ll know right where to find everything during the morning rush.

4. Read, Again and Again

It is often said that children spend the first several years learning to read, and the rest of the lives reading to learn. The written word is a gateway to all kinds of learning, and the more you read to your child, the better chance he has of becoming a proficient and eager reader. Try to sit down with your child to read a little bit every day, give him plenty of opportunities to read out loud to you as well, and above all have fun.

5. Talk Often

Do you know how your child feels about her classroom, her teacher, and her classmates? If not, ask her. Talk with her about what she likes and doesn’t like at school. Give her a chance to express her anxieties, excitements, or disappointments about each day, and continue to support and encourage her by praising her achievements and efforts.

6. Show Interest

Don’t limit your support to your child; extend it to her teachers as well. Meet the teachers and stay in regular contact by phone or e-mail so that you can discuss any concerns as they arise. Not only will it pave the way for you to ask questions, but it will also make the teachers more comfortable with calling you if they have concerns about your child.

7. Expect Success

Perhaps the most important way you can support your child’s efforts at school is to expect him to succeed. Let him know that you expect him to do “his best” so that he’ll be proud of what he can accomplish.

JMA's 2nd Annual Fall Festival

Friday, Oct. 27th, 3:30-6:30pm

823 North Center Street

Arlington, TX

Games for all Ages! Prizes! Petting Zoo!

Bounce Houses! Train Ride! Cake Walk!

Popcorn! Nachos! Cotton Candy! Hot Dogs!

Elementary (PreK to 4th)

1st Grade

  • We have been working hard on writing. We completed our books on small moments and have moved on to teaching books (informational texts)
  • We have been learning how to compose numbers to 10 and using pictures to add.
  • In grammar, we have been practicing plural nouns, adjectives, and verbs.
  • We will be heading to our field trip on October 30th to the Country Critter Farm and Pumpkin Patch.

2nd Grade

The 2nd graders are excited about their lesson on pumpkins. They will be learning about a pumpkins lifecycle, adjective describing our pumpkin, and a pumpkins weight compared to their own weight! In Math, they are learning how to add and regroup two digit numbers! 2nd graders will also be researching different types of spiders for their annual spider project coming up soon!!!

3rd Grade

The 3rd grade is learning about Mr. Kilauea and how it created the island of Hawaii.

Middle School (5th to 8th)

In Social Studies

5th Grade -

They have been studying the French and Indian War and then jumping into the American Revolution.

6th Grade -

They have working on the Physical Geography and History of America.

7th Grade -

They have been learning about Stephen F. Austin and the First Angle Colony in Texas.

8th Grade -

Has been studying a Unit on The Start of the American Revolution.

High School

High School will be taking a field trip to the Holocaust Museum on Friday, Nov. 3rd. Students are really excited and we will have a special lesson before the trip in which we will watch some films and discuss this period of history. Information regarding the trip will be sent home soon.

In Art I & Art II, students completed a floral art project that is currently being exhibited in the main hallway across from the gym. 9th grade's art is focused on black and white pencil sketches while 10th & 11th grades are working in water colors. Please stop by to check them out!!

Title I Statewide School Support and Family & Community Engagement Initiative