Chief Points For Seniors

November 30,2017

November 30, 2017

Chief Points is a newletter targeted at providing information to students about topics pertinent to their education and future.

College Applications

It's not too late

Applications are open still for most colleges but don't wait any longer. Get those applications done! One of the nicest Holiday gifts is a college acceptance!

Where can I find them?

Lakeland maintains a list of scholarships that are usually offered locally or regionally. Students and parents can access that list on Naviance. As scholarships are received in the counseling office they are added and updated on Naviance so it is beneficial for students to check Naviance for updates frequently. We also do our best to text (Remind), tweet, email and publicise on Facebook new scholarships as they come in. Additionally, students can sign up for an search for scholarships through a National Scholarship Search (Sallie Mae) accessed through Naviance. Local organizations often publicize their scholarships through local media, local businesses, church bulletins and similar venues.

Below you will find some of the scholarships that have recently been sent to our office.

Roy W. Piper Charitable Trust Scholarship

The Roy W. Piper Scholarships are administered through the Roy W. Piper Trust Scholarship Administrators (Ronald G. Kukuchka, Thomas P. Tulaney, Robert P. Browning, and William A. Petty). All applications can be found on Naviance.

There are three available scholarships.

  1. Military related college bound
  2. College bound CTC student
  3. College bound

The deadline is March 15, 2018

Penn East Federal Credit Union Scholarship

Who is eligible? A student is eligible to apply if he/she or a parent/guardian is a member of Penn East FCU. If the student is not a member and is eligible for membership, he/she may join Penn East FCU, and become eligible to apply. Please note that all accounts must be active and in good standing (checking, ATM, savings, etc.) with no delinquent or charged off loans. Children of Penn East FCU Officials or employees are not eligible. Applicant must be a graduating high school senior who will enroll in a full-time undergraduate program during the 2018- 2019 school year at an accredited two or four year college/university, or a vocational/technical school in the United States. Please see link below or visit Naviance for the application.

Deadline: February 1, 2018

Road to Safety Scholarship Contest

Each year, many young lives are drastically changed or cut short by risky behaviors like driving under the influence of alcohol or texting while driving. Motor vehicle crashes involving teenagers are especially heartbreaking,because most of these teen tragedies are fully preventable.

At Wetzer-Wickersham personal injury law firm, we are committed to promoting education and awareness about safety driving through community outreach. We would like to remind you of our annual ROAD to SAFETY SCHOLARSHIP CONTEST, which encourages young drivers to get involved in spreading the message to keep our roads safe.

Graduating,college -bound seniors may submit a creative project about the dangers of drunk and/or distracted driving for their chance to win college scholarship money. Selected first, second and third place winners will receive $1000,$750 and $500 scholarships,respectively.

This year’s contest rules vary slightly from past years. We are no longer accepting written essays. The contest is now geared more toward audio/visual projects. It may be of particular interest to students who plan to study creative fields such as video production or graphic design: however, this type of anticipated major is not a mandatory requirement to enter.

You can download entry forms at The deadline for entries is April 27,2018



Seniors may enter the contest by submitting a creative project that highlights the dangers of distracted and/or drunk driving.

Students may submit no more than one (1) entry. All projects must be submitted with a complete Entry Form.

Poster /Billboard


Digital Design/Illustration (includes projects such as t-shirt design, and any other artistic concepts created using a computer)

Video or Audio PSA

Song and/or Dance Composition

Projects must be the original work of the entrant. The more creative the better! We are no longer accepting essays.

Videos and songs should be no longer than 3 minutes. If emailing a large audio or video file,please submit via file sharing service(Dropbox, Google Drive ect). Preferred formats are .mp3,.mov,.wmv,.mpa.

For judging purposes, it is preferred to receive a hard copy of artwork submissions. However,if emailing artwork,please submit inJPEG or PDF format.

All submitted entries become property of Metzger Wickersham. Projects will not be returned to any entrant. Upon submission of a project, entrants acknowledge that Metzger Wickersham will have all rights to use,reproduce,publish,display, distribute or promote as necessary.

HOW to Enter

Entries may be submitted via email, or dropped off in person at our Harrisburg Office. See Entry form or visit for details.


The deadline for entries is April 27,2018. Winners will be notified approximately 2-4 weeks after the contest closes.

Selection of Winners

Entries will be judged on the following criteria: 1)Does the project effectively convey the theme? 2) How creatively does the project deliver the message? 3) Does the project motivate teens to be more safety-conscious behind the wheel?


First Place: $1,000 / Second Place:$750 /Third Place: $500

The amount of first,second and third place scholarship will be dependent upon the number of total entries received. Awards will be paid in one installment. Checks will be made out to the student. Winners may be asked to submit a photograph of themselves for use in contest promotional materials. Each winner is required to contest to the use of their likeness, name area of residence, school name ,prize amount and other information without limitations or further payment.


Contact Amber Knauss (717) 238-8187 or email

Congress-Bundestag Vocational Youth Exchange

The Congress-Bundestag Vocational Scholarship provides an opportunity for U.S. high school graduates who have undertaken vocational training to spend their 13th year abroad pursuing their vocational interests. It is important to emphasize at the outset that this is a “Young Adult” program, which seeks to enroll students who have demonstrated maturity and responsibility and who can be entrusted to fulfill their roles as exchange students without day-to-day supervision.

The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program provides a unique intercultural educational opportunity for American and German youth. Each year over 300 American high school students receive full scholarships to become exchange students to Germany, where they will live with Host Families for a year and attend German schools.This program is supported, as well as funded, by the United States Congress and the German Bundestag.

For the upcoming school year, a special Congress-Bundestag scholarship opportunity is being offered to 25 graduating high school seniors with a vocational background. This program is being administered by Nacel Open Door. Please click link below for more information. ***This Scholarship is not listed on Naviance***

National Co-Op Scholarship Program


WACE, on behalf of the nine WACE Partner Institutions, is pleased to announce and sponsor its Sixteenth Annual National Co-op Scholarship Program. As the largest independently sponsored merit co-op scholarship program in the United States, WACE will award up to 160 merit co-op scholarships for a total value of $4,200,000. These merit co-op scholarships will be awarded to high school seniors and transfer students who plan to participate in college cooperative education at one of our Partner Institutions listed on the Scholarship Partners tab. Please click the link below to learn more. ***This scholarship opportunity is actually assorted scholarships, it is not found on the list of scholarships on Naviance as maintained by Lakeland, however, can be found through the National Scholarship search on Naviance.

Deadline: February 15, 2018

Senior Shoutouts

What is a Senior Shoutout?

Fall of senior year is notoriously a bag of mixed feelings; excitement that you are a senior, a twinge of sadness that your time at Lakeland will be ending, fear of the future and, most predominantly, stress of college applications! The good news is that many of you have completed college applications, signed with a branch of the military, made arrangements for a job or are preparing for some additional post graduation training etc. The better news is that some of you have already received acceptances! Senior shoutout is a public recognition of your accomplishment to our larger community.

How to Shoutout!!!

The senior shoutout is the ultimate selfie and let's face guys are experts at selfies! We are excited to showcase college (military etc.) acceptances but want to do so on your terms. This year's senior shoutouts will be on Flipgrid. This will be a public grid so that your parents and our community can witness your accomplishments. The grid will be shared frequently on Facebook and Twitter to showcase your selfie shoutouts!


  1. You can record up to 90 seconds of video
  2. Students can import a video on both computers and mobile devices. After they select the green plus button, there is a green import icon. Select that and follow the prompts to import an MP4, MOV, or WEBM video file.
  3. You can opt NOT to record your own face or voice and instead choose to hold up a sign or acceptance letter for the video.
  4. You are welcome to be creative as long as you understand Guideline #5!
  5. Responses deemed as inappropriate will be removed. I think you are old enough to define inappropriate but if you struggle with the concept, feel free to email me to check before uploading to the grid.
  6. You must be fully clothed (shirt and pants required). See guideline #5
  7. Remember your audience; parents, teachers and community members will see your excitement. See guideline #5
  8. Show your pride. Sing, dance, do a jig, showcase college gear. Show how excited you are to be accepted!
  9. Ready to go? Either enter this code: 85d6dc in the Flipgrid app (available on IOS and Google Play) on your device (much easier for recording video) or click the "I Got Into College" link below to access on your computer.

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