by Abbey Chignoli


The Manassas football team try their best to win as many games as they can and make it to the playoffs. With a great and dedicated coach, they can make anything possible. Manassas was one of the worst football teams, but they've proven others wrong by having faith, trust, and compassion to their team throughout their season.

How they can Make it

When the coach picked out the players, the players weren't taking practices as seriously like the coaches were. He tried to get them to stay on topic and focus on their games and practices, but they had other things in mind to worry about. The coach wants to help the team to regain their confidence and compassion towards the team, because he told them that they can do it.

Some of the players

My Opinion

Overall, the movie was pretty good, despite the fact that not too many kids wanted to watch it. I enjoyed how the coach tried to motivate the players to do their best, no matter what others said about them. This movie has inspired me in a way to do better work in school and in life.