Houston Rockets

Are They a Championship Team?

The Rockets Are Getting a Great Foot in the Door with an All-Star Roster This Season

The Houston Rockets have played 5 games and won 4 and only lost one. The Rockets have not been so lucky with their roster for the past few years, but they have had Chandler Parsons for 2 seasons now and he has definitely helped the team to get better. Houston also got super-star rookie Point Guard Jeremy Lin for his second season in the NBA, but his first season with the Rockets last year. Even with these prolific basketball stars, the team was still lacking a good Shooting Guard and post players. Finally, mid-way into the season last year, the Rockets snatched James Harden, one of the highest ranked Shooting Guards in the league, from the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Rockets went on to compete against the Thunder in the first round of the playoffs, they did not move on, but they forced the Thunder to a game seven with the round tied at 3 wins each. Now, this season, the Rockets have managed to score Dwight Howard and Omer Asik, both who are two of the highest ranking post players in the league.