Nivethaashri Sundaramurthy

Rules of a Utopian Society

The ten rules are as follows:

  • A victory without morality of behavior is intolerable and will be punished by public humiliation.
  • Treat everyone as equals; tyrany is intolerable and will be punished by lifetime imprisonment.
  • No pollution; use only elctrical cars and dispense off wastes in the proper manner; polluters who wantedly pollute will be imprisoned for a year and imprisonment for continued offenders will increase by one year for each offense.
  • Every individual is required to do community services for atleast 60 hours; if early death occurs to an individual, then he or she is pardoned; if an individual does not complete this task, he or she is not applicable to minimum wage laws.
  • Peace shall be kept at all times; an indiviual who preaches war and incites others to do the same will face capital punishment.
  • Thieves are punishable by labor for upto two years for every offense commited.
  • Treat animals with care and respect; animal abuse is punishable by lifetime imprisonment.
  • Do not be selfish and greedy.
  • Respect the uniqueness of each individual; do not discriminate.
  • Alcohol and drug buyers, makers, and sellers will all be thrown behind bars for a lifetime.