Pro War Vs. Anti War

Mackenzie Fraitzl


"Since I left you, I'm a changed man

I went on with my life, came up with a plan

One that involves another woman

And how I treat her with love as often as I can" (The War at Home)

  • Wars can change people for the better.


"As when I was young

And when the lost one was here

And when the war began

To turn young men to dung" (Gone, Gone Again)

  • There were young men on the battlefields risking their lives that have just started.

"There died a myriad,

And of the best, among them,

For an old bitch gone in the teeth,

For a botched civilization" (Ezra Pound)

  • Wars cause many deaths that don't need to happen

"But still my wife stands by me

Tells me I can do better, we'll make them see

Without her I would have been lost

I think of leaving the Army, but at what cost?" (Cost)

  • In the end family is everything is that really worth risking?