K1 News!!

April 11th-15th

Our Schedule Next Week

Monday: P.E Day

** wear tennis shoes!

PTO Meeting @ 6:30

Tuesday: Music & Library Day

Library Day! Please help your child return their library books to school!!

Wednesday: P.E Day

** wear tennis shoes!

Thursday: Art Day

Friday: P.E Day

** wear tennis shoes!

Field Trip Money Due!!

Duck Pond Fun!!!

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Next Week We Are Learning...

Sight Words: said, what, was, but

ELA: - ut family- gut, hut, shut, but, cut

Vowel Review- A, E, I, O, U,

Nonfiction Ocean

Math: Addition and Subtraction

Science: jellyfish research

Social Studies: What is an ocean?

Using bears to make up addition problems.

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sea life aquarium field trip chaperons wanted!!

We will be taking our first off-campus field trip on April 21st!! We are very excited. The cost is $9 per student. Please send in exact cash if possible when you can.

All field trip money is due by Friday, April 15th! Thank you!!

If you are wanting to be a parent chaperone on the trip, the cost is $10. Please send in your money as soon as possible. More details about the trip will be given to you later. Please know that we will be leaving school in the morning, going to the Aquarium, then stopping at Kid Kountry on the way home here in Coppell, and returning back to school around 1:30pm.

Musical Words- Is your word real or nonsense?

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Learning subtraction using ducks!!!

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Making sentences!

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Mark Your Calendar!

April 11th- PTO meeting 6:30pm

April 15th- Field Trip money due for students and parents!

April 18th- Night at the Museum here at Austin Elem. 5-7pm

April 20th- Field Day Tshirt orders are due today!

April 21st- Field Trip to Sea Life

April 27- April Presentations Due

May 20th- Field Day!!!

More Subtraction with Monkeys!!

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April Birthday's

Isaac- April 11th

Heath- April 21st

We started Mini-Clusters today and mine is the Cooking Cluster! Here are a few pics from my cluster.