The Wedding of the Year!

It's finally here! Daisy and Tom were seen today getting ready for their wedding at the Seelbach Hotel. People were lined up outside the doors to just get a glimpse of Daisy's dress and the lavish decorations. This is the weeding that will not be forgotten, ever! Daisy's dress was ivory satin and was made by the best designers today in New York. Her bridesmaids were also wearing designer dresses that had cap sleeves and a tight waistband around the stomach. Tom and his groomsmen were all wearing tuxedos of course, with white button-up shirts and ivory vests.

The decorations were another matter. Flowers encircled the room, all of which were white, ivory, and green. The wedding had a nature tone to it but was very sparkly and up beat. At the reception, the room was also covered floor to ceiling with flowers. The scent of the room was marvelous and made the wedding even more up beat. Daisy and Tom were happy together. They looked like the sweetest couple and would hopefully live together for a long time.

As the night went by, Daisy seemed to get drowsy and tired. I personally know that she got drunk the night before. We had to give her a cold bath because she received a letter from this person Gatsby. She definitely knew who he was because she continued to sob and she tore off the necklace and the pearls scattered around the room. Maybe she was getting tired and not as happy because of that and because she was exhausted.

The party continued throughout the night. We stayed so long that the people running the hotel probably had to kick us out because we were so loud. It was the most remembered wedding of the century, so you have to party like you mean it. Tom and Daisy were especially ready for the honeymoon. They planned to go towards Europe, but I knew that they had planned to go to Santa Barbara. It was a beautiful honeymoon location and I knew that they would be happy there especially since they were staying there for 3 months. I would have loved that so much!


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Tom Buchanan and Myrtle Wilson are seen together!

Not even 2 weeks after Tom and Daisy were wed, Tom and Myrtle were first seen traveling together on a train. Myrtle was going to see her sister in New York. Reporters don't know why Tom was riding the train, but people riding said that they couldn't keep their eyes off each other. After they went their own ways, they were seen getting in a taxi cab together. Tom and Myrtle now are seen meeting behind George and Daisy's back in an apartment in New York. She continues to use the excuse that she is going to see her sister, but we know that isn't the case!

A new house is being build across the bay.

Although Tom and Daisy just moved into their very large home, there is another larger home being built across the bay. Tom and Daisy were willing to talk to reporters still roaming around the property. "We would like neighbors like us who have the best things, and be able to have good friends who possibly have kids. They will make wonderful additions to the area and make it feel so homey to us," says Daisy. "I love our home, but to see a larger size, I wish I could have done better. A home and what is in it says a lot about a person, and I don't want anyone to feel that I don't have a lot of money and I didn't do good enough," says Tom. Readers are very excited to see who moves across the bay and see what they have to bring to the table of wealth.