Egg Drop Joiner

by Ken Thao


Mr. Landers give all us students gave us a assignment to build a contraption for a 45 feet egg drop. He gave us supplies for the contraption that were a egg, 2 rubber bands, 20 cm x 20 cm piece of plastic, 3 cotton balls, 5 plastic straws, 2 pieces of paper, 5 packaging peanuts, 50 cm kite string, 20 cm x 20 cm piece of plastic bag, 2 Dixie cups, 5 toothpicks, 5 q-tips, 3 Popsicle sticks. We had 3 days to make it then we dropped it from a 45 feet drop.


We drew something out on paper for the eggs contraption but then when we made it, it broke so we tried other ideas so then we came up with something else. So i tried looking around the room for ideas. Then i saw a picture of the front bored and saw a parachute so I made one out of plastic and rope also tying it to our egg contraption. We threw it up in the air and it kinda slowed down.


We had researched on our egg by throwing it up in the air. We had seen results with it slowing down. So we had made adjustments on our contraption, we had tested it out but it seemed not to work as well as it use to. We had torn it apart back to the normal from also thinking on how to improve it.


We were kinda modeling it with going on top of the desk and letting it float down. It had seem to be better with what we first started out with. By making it we had added a cotton ball on the bottom of our contraption. Trying it out we thought it was good tell the last day to work.


By improving it we had tried out different things noticing that putting two straws at the bottom that made it like a helicopter. By putting on the 2 straws made it go slow it done when we threw it in the air. So we kept the straws on at the end we had survived, also we were picked seconded.