Mrs. Miller's Monday Message

May 2-6

Upcoming Dates

May 2 - Happy Birthday Mia!

May 3 - Happy Birthday Isaac!

May 6 - PRE Carnival

May 12 - 3rd Grade Field Trip to Symphony (in morning; no volunteers needed!)

May 12 - Science Fair (in afternoon!)

May 16 - Classroom Auction


Classroom Auction

Our classroom auction will be held on May 16th in the afternoon. If you have any donations to send in for the auction, you can start sending them now. Popular items in the past have been candy, pop, and snacks. The dollar section items at Target have been great too! I've also had families clean out miscellaneous toys, etc. and bring those in. "What one kid doesn't want, another kid loves!"

Thanks so much!

Curriculum Peek

Spelling/ Vocabulary: This week's pattern is words that end with -y, -f, -lf, or -fe. The test will be on Friday. New vocab words about fairy tales and folktakes were handed out today as well. The test for those will be our final vocab test on May 13th.

Math: We are beginning our final topic! Topic 16 covers graphing.

Science: It's Science Week!! Students will participate in eight different experiments this week. We are continuing with our "I Survived" reading groups this week. Students will be working with their reading groups to make a Disaster Plan for the severe weather event they are reading about.

Reading: We will be finishing our I Survived Books and Disaster Plans this week.

Science Fair Due Dates

May 2- Process and Materials were DUE today!

May 6- Data from Experiment and Conclusion Due

May 9- Pictures, titles, and everything TYPED (we will begin creating boards at school)

May 11- Final project COMPLETE


If you need help, please don't hesitate to ask!

Spelling City and Quizlet

The link below will take you to our 3rd Grade Spelling City website. All three lists are up to date.

The link below will take you to a vocab study website. All vocab words are updated for the test on Friday.