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Google Apps for Education

To Chat or Not to Chat? That is the Google Drive Question.

Love this article, please review for a teachable moment and a chance to discuss digital citizenship.

To Chat or Not to Chat? That is the Google Drive Question.

Looking for a program to create graphic organizers or mind maps?

Check out MindMup 2.0 For Google Drive. Kids login with their Google Drive account.

  1. Open Google Apps
  2. Click this link
  3. Select Create a new map or open from Google Drive

-There is a MindMup App on the Chromebooks.

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W Drive is Almost Full - Time for Spring Cleaning

Please review what you have in your H Drive and your team's W Drive folder. Hopefully, you are beginning to move your shared files to either itslearning or Google Drive. As you begin spring cleaning, please keep in mind Copyright, especially your TPT and other download loaded resources. Often these resources state that they are not to be duplicated, not to be shared beyond a single classroom or not to be posted digitally. Below you will find an example of a TPT resource that includes Terms of Use. The Terms states that this document is for single classroom use only. If your files state something similar to this, they must be removed from the W drive.

Copyright Policies: Copyright Procedures for Forsyth County Staff

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