japans beliefs

japan has alot of beliefs and customs and this there flag

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coustoms and beliefs

some of the coustoms and beliefs are :zen buddist, gardens, meditate for inner peace, meditation. They don't like irrespect, rasism and it doesn't matter about gender the main belief is shinto
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Japans major belief practiced

shinto is a major practice belief followed by Buddhism. Shinto is a very special communication and is one of the most accient beliefs in the world. Shinto was a way more popular but as the years went by there is only at least 5 000 000 people left that follows Shinto today.

Unfortunatlly no one practices Shinto any more but in other countries there is alot of poeple who are very passionate about this special belief.

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the great wave off Kanagawa

This is the great wave off Kanagawa and the name of the guy that painted this is katsushika Hokusia and he started painting when he was a little boy.this painting was made between 1829-1833 and it still stands today. You can also see mount fuji from this distance of this wave.