Busy Bee Leader Board

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Leaders of Learning

This week's nominees:

Diann Fortune: I would like to nominate Diann Fortune for Leader of the week….I was very impressed with her creativity in writing a poem for Poetry Week….it’s great when the children see their teachers demonstrating their creativity.

Lisa Michno: I am nominating Lisa because she helped make copies for mclass questions. Thank you!

Alicia Nazar and Ebony Smith: I would like to nominate Alicia Nazar and Ebony Smith for a terrific week of honoring our military families. These children are an important part of our school and their famililies deserve special recognition!

Diann Fortune: I would like to nominate Diann Fortune for opening our students' eyes to the love of poetry...and giving them the confidence to learn new poems...this was a great experience for them!

Cassidy Culbertson, Charity Blanchard, Gloria Crabtree and Danielle Duncan: I would like to nominate these ladies for waiting and managing students for 40 minutes until a late bus to arrived.

Diann Fortune: I would like to nominate Diann Fortune for leading Poetry Week. Thank you for your hard work.

Alicia Nazar and Ebony Smith: I would like to nominate these ladies for planning an awesome Military Spirit Week!

Thomas Tidbits

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." - William A. Ward

"Teachers are expected to reach unattainable goals with inadequate tools. The miracle is that at times they accomplish this impossible task." - Haim Ginott

And remember, "Every kid needs a champion." --Rita Pierson

Making our Hive Thrive

K- A teacher was using collaborative grouping to give students an opportunity to talk about ways they are alike and different. She used a big book read aloud to engage students in conversation. She also provided visual literacy for students. Great Job!

1st- A teacher used small group math instruction to target students that were not proficient in certain skills as well as those that needed acceleration.

A teacher is using Imagine Learning to help provide additional literacy support.

2nd- Teachers were incorporating technology as well as Kagan strategies to help students create products that reflect their understanding.

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Give Five, Read Five

Please see Edmodo for a copy of the letter we will be sending home with parents on Monday. Let us know if you will need Spanish copies--we have the translation. This initiative has the full support of Dr. Grimesey and it is his expectation that every elementary school participate. Our specials teachers will be assisting us with this effort but we are looking for additional teachers and assistants to help them. Please let the specials team know if you are willing to help them. Also, please help us by following up with parents after sending the letter home. Thanks!

EVAAS Roster Verification

Dr. Metcalf will be joining us for our staff meeting on May 13 to assist us with roster verification. Teachers, please bring laptops with you to the meeting. Assistants, you will be able to leave before we start the roster verification portion of the staff meeting so it will be a much shorter meeting for you.
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Bike to School

Thank you to Taniya Smith who has agreed to chair this event. Please let her know if you are willing to join in on Bike to School day.

Bike to School day is Wednesday, May 6. Students cannot participate without a registration form.

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P is for Pirate

Pirates are daring, adventurous, and willing to sail into uncharted waters with no guarantee of success. They reject the status quo, embrace the unconventional, and steadfastly refuse to conform. They are risk-takers, rebels, and mavericks willing to travel to the ends of the earth for their educational treasure.

Proudly hoist the #tlap Jolly Roger and join a crew that's transforming education one classroom at a time.

--Dave Burgess, P is for Pirate

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Walkthrough Focus

During April, we will focus on the third and fourth characteristics of great classrooms: "Engagement" and "Relevant Learning".

Upcoming Dates

May 4-8: Marci off campus

mClass EOY: May 4-May 22

May 6: Bike to School Day--Taniya Smith is Chairperson

May 6: Alvita at Principals Meeting

SRI EOY: May 11-May 22

May 7: Collaborative PLC meetings--Admin will determine agenda

May 7: Assistants leaving at half day for conference

May 8: Assistants at conference

May 13: Kindergarten Field trip

May 13: Staff Meeting--EVAAS Roster Verification

May 14: Collaborative PLC meetings--PLC teams determine agenda

May 14: MCS Retirement Reception--Congratulations Damita Nocton!!

Math Summative: May 18-May 29

May 20: SIT Meeting

May 21: Collaborative PLC meetings--PLC teams determine agenda

May 25: No School

May 26-28: ScienceReach for Kindergarten and 1st grade--schedule to come

May 27: Collaborative PLC grade level team meetings after school--teams determine agendas. Please post minutes on your Edmodo group page.

May 28: Collaborative PLC meetings--PLC teams determine agenda

May 28: 2nd grade Celebration of the Arts--6:30 p.m.

May 29: Bee Buck Ice Cream Party

June 4: RIF and Read-a-thon

June 5: Kindergarten and Second Grade Awards Assemblies; First Grade Field Trip

June 8: First Grade Awards Assemblies

June 9: Storyteller @ 9:45 followed by Field Day/Fun Day with Playmobile

June 10: Marci at Principals Meeting

June 11: Last day of school--Staff Luncheon--more info to come

June 12: Required workday