By: Suzanne Collins Book pages: 398

Sally Alemayehu


Katniss, the Rebels, and the Capitol are back for the final battle. In the 398 pages of Mockingjay, Katniss Everdean has chosen to side with and lead the Rebels who believe that all citizens should be treated fairly; they also think that there should be no more of the cruel and violent annual Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is a yearly event where two people from each district (1 boy and 1 girl) are all placed in an arena and must try to get out. In order to get out you have to be the last person alive, so that means that every person in the arena is trying to kill you and you are trying to kill them. The Capitol would do these Games so that every citizen in the country of Panem would realize that the Capitol is number 1 and that they have all the power you could ever imagine. Although Katniss is the leader (known as the Mockingjay) her first priority is to save her true love Peeta Milark out of the Capitol’s hands. The only people who she can trust to help her make the right decisions are her best friend Gale and several other victors from the previous Hunger Games. Will Katniss, her friends, and the Rebels finally defeat the Capitol once and for all? Find out what comes next in Mockingjay the 3rd and final book in the Hunger Games series.


Katniss has to face many issues that can be real life problems. Her main obstacle is that since she is the mockingjay she has to make all the decisions so that no one will get hurt. If she makes even one tiny mistake, she can put everyone she knows in danger. I have made many great decisions by thinking about other people and that everyone should be treated fairly. For example eating only one apple may not matter to you, but that leaves one less apple for a starving person. So be careful about every choice you make and think about how it can affect people.

'Join Katniss to lead the Rebels like a Mockingjay"