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Phoenix Elementary School

Note from Mr Ohnstad

Dear Phoenix families –

We are excited to get started!

A warm welcome to our new families that have joined us at Phoenix Elementary School. We are dedicated to taking good care of your children as they grow and learn. We believe that you will immediately feel the energy in our school. Our focus continues to be on learning. However, we know you will appreciate the caring adults we have working in our school.

We have hired several new staff members so please welcome them to our school with a smile and a greeting.

New Teachers

Jana Makovsky - Grade 1 & 2 Combo Class

Erin Jenkins - Grade 2

Kailey Olson - Grade 4

Angie Blacknik, Kyle Knutson & Terry Davis - Physical Education

Alison Cieklinski - Media Specialist

Heidi Neubert - ECSE Teacher

Amanda Loiland - Autism Teacher

Wendi Ghassemi - ALP

Shyanne Driscoll - SLP

Abby Goldenstein - SLP

Kyle DeWitt - IDC

Tiahna Edevold - Social Worker

The Back to School newsletter provides you with important information as we prepare for the school year to begin. If you have any questions, please call our office at 746-2240. You may also access the Grand Forks Public Schools website at Enjoy the rest of the summer with your family.

Kevin Ohnstad, Principal

Class Assignments, Open House info, Breakfast and more!

Included in this newsletter is your children's classroom assignments and teacher information. If you have any questions please contact the school office.

Before School- As of now it's very different from previous years. Breakfast will be served at 7:50 am this year. Students will be allowed in the building to receive breakfast.

School begins at 8:25 am and ends at 3:00 pm. (Breakfast starts at 7:50 a.m.).

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Open House! Tuesday, August 24

Come to our Open House

Meet your teacher between 4:00 and 6:00pm

Drop off school supplies

Meet new friends

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2021-2022 Phoenix Class Lists

Mrs. Kelley's Class

Ruby B.

Nora C.

Everly C.

Orlando D.

Lucas G.

Halo G.

Skyler G.

Levi H.

Nash K.

Levi K.

Bentin L.

Presley M.

Mila N.

Kayden O.

Madelyn P.

Henry S.

Greyson S.

Dean S.

Jackson S.

Vash S.

Miss Finger's Class

Brinne A.

Ingrid B.

Anders B.

Griffin C.

Eden C

Emma F.

Molly G.

Berlin G.

Treyvon H.

Jeremiah H.

Felix H.

Liam H.

Zander K.

Simon M.

Raegan M.

Carson N.

Elais P.

Levi S.

Henry S.

Ruth S.

Jaren T.

Mrs. Junes's Class

Helen A.

Carter B.

Delilah B.

Rune C.

Easton C.

Lilly G.

Eliza G.

Aria G.

Kariana H.

Abigail H.

Mason J.

Beckett K.

Katelyn L.

Lolah M.

Aaro M.

Jose P.

Oliver R.

Tifa S.

Ava-Mhea S.

Lydia S.

Maximus S.

Alayah V.

Mrs. Makovsky's Class

Prairie D.

Clara G.

Violet H.

Ryan M.

Elais K.

Miley P.

Norah P.

Charlotte S.

Syleigh B.

Gannon B.

Daniel C.

Sullivan D.

Maddison G.

Brooklyn H.

Hazel H.

Mason M.

Laney O.

Luca P.

Kenneth S.

Miss Jenkin's Class

Riley C.

Aaron E.

Bella G.

Walter G.

Harmony H.

Violet H.

Evelyn H.

Hope J.

Ember J.

Teddy J.

Huntley K.

LIncoln K

Jacob N.

Coco O.

Dawson R.

Aries S.

Zoey S.

Roma S.

Chloe S.

Randy Jr. S.

Charlie V.

Rosemary Z.

Hunter Z.

Mrs. McDonald's Class

Aiyana B.

Kellyn C.

Atticus D.

Emilia D.

Madison G.

Alexander G.

Ryder G.

Isabella J.

Sofia K.

Olivia K.

Aubrey M.

Francis P.

Athena R.

Ayden S.

Takara S.

Lucy S

Everett S.

Alex W.

Mrs. Mercil's Class

Logan B.

Nevaeh D.

Hope F.

Paige G.

Alexander G..

Keely G.

James G.

Tyler G.

Asher K.

Carlie M.

Khyier M.

Drayden M.

Payton P

Ava Sue S.

Aiden S.

Elijah T.

Karleigh W.

Calista W.

Mrs. Mitzel's Class

Lana B.

Miyah B.

Zayden B.

Shelby B.

Aliviana C.

Sophia D.

Daymon G.

Dorothy H.

Aiden J.

Mason K.

Cohen M.

Jaydin P.

Mason R.

Hayden R.

Vita V.

Jack V.

Stella W.

Mrs. Olson's Class

Kaia B.

Skylar B.

Aubrey C.

Rylie C.

Brandon B.

Alexander H.

Sawyer H.

Kindyl J.

Cooper K.

Emma K.

Atticus K.

Logan R.

Rylan S.

Taelyn S.

Noah S.

James S.

Nicholaas V.

Bridget W.

Mrs. Bohm's Class

Maddie B.

Grace B.

Amara B.

Isis C.

Mila D.

Inga G.

Don-Paul G.

Elliot H.

Eli H.

Madison J.

Billy L.

Rian M.

Vincent M.

Mekhi N.

Zoey R.

Trae V.

Zoe W.

Mrs. Katka's Class List

Allyson B.

Tayven C.

Rylan C.

Syrenity D.

Jaylynn D.

Logan F.

Norah G.

Sophia H.

Paxton M.

Piper N.

Lincoln N.

Alliann P.

Gabriella S.

Parker S.

Clare U.

Paityn W.

Michael W.

Arrival/Dismissal for the 2021-2022 School year-

Phoenix Elementary School - Morning Arrival Plan/3:00 pm Dismissal Plan

1st Bell – 8:20 am Tardy Bell – 8:25 am Dismissal Bell – 3:00 pm

Greetings to our Phoenix Families: Our priority is to keep all of our students safe while providing an opportunity for them to learn. Please read through this document carefully. I would like to thank our entire Phoenix staff, specifically our amazing paraeducators, for making this plan work for our students and their families. Reminder: students should not be playing on the playgrounds in the morning or after school unless a parent is supervising their child. We do not provide outside playground supervision either before or after school.

Arrival Doors/Dismissal Doors

Mrs. Kelley – Kindergarten – Door 7

Ms. Finger – Kindergarten – Door 8

Mrs. Junes Grade 1 – Door 5

Mrs. Makovsky Grades 1, 2 - Door 6

Ms. Jenkins – Grade 2 – Door 6

Mrs. Mercil – Grade 3 – Door 1

Mrs. McDonald – Grade 3 – Door 1

Mrs. Olson – Grade 4 – Door 4

Mrs. Mitzel – Grade 4 – Door 4

Mrs. Katka – Grade 5 – Door 2

Mrs. Bohm – Grade 5 – Door 2

All students will be allowed to enter Door 1 for breakfast at 7:50 am.

As students in grades 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 finish eating breakfast they will be dismissed to gather all of their personal belongings and report to their morning work location. Kindergarten students will remain in the lunchroom and be escorted by an adult to their Kindergarten classroom at 8:20 am.

Morning Work Locations

Grade 1 – Room A132 Mrs. Johnson Grade 2 – Room 161

Grade 3 - Library Grade 4 - Music Room Grade 5 - Gym

Students in grades 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 arriving at their designated door prior to 8:20 am should report to their assigned morning work location. These students may eat breakfast as well. When they finish eating breakfast, they will be dismissed to their morning work location. An adult will be available to open Doors 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 for students arriving prior to 8:20 am. If parents stay at school with these students and would prefer to keep their children outside with them that is acceptable.

Kindergarten – Students may attend breakfast and other students will be dropped off by parents at Door 7 (Mrs. Kelley) and Door 8 (Ms. Finger). Parents are required to stay with their child until the classroom teacher greets families at 8:20 am. If they arrive after 7:50 am and would like to enter the school they should enter Door 1 and go to the lunchroom. They will remain in the lunchroom until 8:20 am and then be escorted by an adult to their Kindergarten classroom.

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Dates to Remember

August 24

Open House 4:00pm -6:00pm

August 25

First day of School!

September 1

ENCORE - Starts for the 2021-22 School year

September 6

Labor Day - NO SCHOOL

September 22

Early Release - 1:30 pm

October 15

School Picture Day! - 8:30 am

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Power School parent login

This will redirect you to a Power School login for your student.


2021-2022 ENROLLMENT

Phoenix School families,

Please make sure you complete the registration process in the Parent PowerSchool Portal. You MUST have this completed for your child to be registered for the upcoming school year.

There will be a comupter set up in the school office during the open house for those who need to finish their child's enrollment.


This is an optional form so please read this very carefully as we have had parents/guardians check something they did not actually want to. Option A is the big one to read carefully as if you mark this then your student will not be able to be in the yearbook.