Russian agriculture

By Ethan & Micheal

From Wagon to Auger cart

In the 1967 Jon Kinzenbaw of Williamsburg, Ia created the first kinze auger cart. The auger cart allowed for corn or bean to be transported in the field from the auger cart to a semi. This lead the way for people to get crops out of the field a lot faster than driving the tractor back to the bin to dump.

This picture shows the first auger cart built.

Russian Auger Cart

Russia never made auger carts, but they did buy Auger carts that were around them. Auger carts like kinze, and brent made it over to Russia.

First Baler

The first baler was Allis-Chalmers Rotobaler. It was faster than picking up hay and throwing it in wagons or trucks. Also it condensed the hay so that it wouldn't fly all over the place when transporting. The Russians built their own baler after the Americans.

пресс подборщик -Baler in Russian

Price of Hay

In the 1950s the average cost of hay was between $2 and $10 that was in the plains in America. So in Russia it would be around $5 to $10.