Type 2 Diabetes Lifestyle

If you have diabetes exercise is a must

There are many benefits to exercising when you have diabetes such as...
  • Helping your body use insulin
  • Lowering your cholesterol levels
  • Using more glucose,so your blood sugar will be at a better range
  • Improving your blood circulation
  • Boosting your energy and mood

Recommendations for exercise

Workout ideas for people with diabetes include
  • Aerobic exercises
  • Strength training
  • stretching
  • balance exercises
  • running
  • or even walking for 30 minutes each day will help

If you want a more customized workout, visit your local gym or contact a personal trainer for help.

Self-Monitering Your Blood Sugar Levels

In order to take care of your diabetes you need to keep track of your blood sugar levels. Keeping track of your blood sugar levels will let you know when you need to intake more insulin, or consume more sugar. You can measure your blood sugar using a meter, which pricks your finger, and reads your blood. You should check your blood sugar multiple times a day as your blood sugar will constantly change. If your monitor tells you that your blood sugar is high then you would have to inject yourself with insulin. If you blood sugar is to low then you would have to eat a food with sugar such as a piece of candy to raise your blood sugar level.
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Lifesyle choices

If your diagnosed with diabetes you have to more conscious about your body than most people. In order to live a healthy life with diabetes you need to make good lifestyle choices such as ...
  • Tracking your daily food intake. You need to look at portion sizes, total sugar, fats ex.. to maintain a healthy diet, and to make sure your not overeating.
  • Avoid high sugar food, and beverages
  • Coordinate your meals and medicine. Many prescribed medicine shouldn't be taken on an empty stomach, or else complications may occur. Its always good to talk to you doctor if you have any uncertainties or questions, as they are there to help.
  • Keep a daily exercise schedule. Exercise is vital in order to live a normal life with diabetes. It helps control your blood sugar levels, and is great for maintaining your overall health.
  • Constantly check you blood sugar levels . Its always important to check your blood sugar levels, especially before and after working out.