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Week of November 16, 2015

Time to Brag!

Friday, November 20 marks the end of the first trimester; this means enrichments classes will rotate, grades are updated on Schoology, and English & Math teachers should start to receive the recommendation forms for the schools that your family has decided to apply to.

  • Remember to submit a stamped, addressed envelope to Ms. Bonfils for english class recommendations, all other teacher and administrator recommendations do not need envelopes.
  • For boys applying to Loyola, they ask for SELF-REPORTING of Q1 grades on the application. You may do this by checking the Schoology grades the week you plan to send the application. You may just send the most recent grades you see on Schoology.

In religion and english classes, Ms. Danni and Ms. Bonfils are working with the students on putting together their "Brag Sheets." These short essays will highlight the significant, and sometimes hidden, strengths of each student. Not only will this help the students to understand what they should talk about in high school interviews, but they will be shared with advisors and MJS administrators so that we can give schools an accurate depiction of each child in our recommendations.

Please do not work with your child on their Brag Sheet at home. We know that you have a lot to brag about and want them to represent themselves in the best way possible, but it is an important process for them to go through on their own; reflecting on their strengths, weaknesses, and seeing themselves as the students they really are.

Friday Families: November 13

Good Shepherd Shelter


On Friday, November 13, 8th graders gave their school family a *wish* list from a family at Good Shepherd Shelter. We are honored to have the opportunity to provide a Christmas for these well-deserving families.

Each MJS family member will be responsible for bringing a gift (either from the *wish* list or not - a $5 Target gift card is a great gift for anyone) as well as $5 towards a family gift. The gifts will all be collected on Friday, December 4. The collection of gifts will be displayed at the Mother's Luncheon on Friday, December 11 and then sent directly to the families at Good Shepherd Shelter.

Good Shepherd Shelter - Growing Our Future

Curriculum Spotlight: Current Events in History Class

By Ms. Frazee

Class begins most days with two "town criers" reading the headlines and subheadings from the LA Times front page and California section. On Tuesdays, student "circle up" for a student led discussion on a current event of the moderators' choice.

Topics have spanned the Syrian refugee crisis, body cameras for policeman, race relations and the papal visit. Students come prepared with discussion generating questions and connections to things they've read or seen elsewhere.

Already students have come to identify expository versus persuasive articles and realize that the best discussions come from those with two sides to the story and the best questions can't be answered with a yes or no. Some students even complain when the article selected is too short!

I'm pleased to see these 8th graders becoming more self-aware about their role in a group discussion; do they tend to talk over others or are they gracious in ceding the floor to someone more hesitant to jump in? It's been an experiment and there are still some wrinkles to even out, but overall I'm excited to hear students more aware of the world around them and realizing the complexity of the many issues their generation will inherit.

Hopefully they will be able and ready to meet, as Cornelia Connely put it, "the wants of the age".

ISEE/HSPT Practice Test Opportunity for 7th and 8th graders

Unlocking Potential is hosting their final full-length Middle and Upper Level ISEE and HSPT practice test on Saturday, November 21 from 8:30-12:30 PM at Mayfield Junior School in the Performing Arts Center. Any interested students may take the test for $30. The test is free for students participating in the Unlocking Potential ISEE/HSPT workshop. This is a great opportunity for students to experience the testing environment as well as get practice with the testing material. Students will receive their raw scores before they leave.

Click here to reserve your spot. The registration deadline is November 17.

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How do I locate ISEE test sites?

Below is the link to the ISEE testing site. If your student is going to be applying to a high school that requires the ISEE, be sure to sign up at one of these sites. Some high schools ask that the test be taken before a specific date. Be sure to check the website of the schools your student is applying to. If you have any questions, please contact Patti Long at 626.229.2125 or plong@mayfieldjs.org.

  • ISEE Test Information

    To sign up for the MJS test site on January 9, you will need the following code: vELiJqPL
    Space is limited to 20 students.

8th Grade Reach Out: St. Francis Center

November 17th student ambassadors to St. Francis Center will be Ferryn D., Nadia, Haley R., Molly M. For the complete schedule and more information on our Reach Out, please click here.

Thank you to Mrs. Dilbeck for your supervision of this Reach Out and to all of our parent drivers!

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Buy Your Christmas Tree from Mayfield Senior!

Believe it or not, Christmas will be here before you know it. Mayfield Senior School is the place to get your Christmas tree!

For more information click HERE or you can place your order now by simply clicking on the following link: https://www.mayfieldsenior.org/christmasstore.

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Please come and support our Mayfield Mustangs! Here is what's coming up this week, for the complete season schedule, please visit the "MJS Athletics" page on the parent portal.

NOV 16: Boys C-3 Basketball Team

Start 3:30 PM vs St. Gregory

Location: Mayfield

NOV 17: Boys A and B Basketball

Start 3:00 PM

Location: Clairbourn

NOV 17: Boys C-2 Basketball Team

Start 3:00 PM vs Gooden

Location: Mayfield

NOV 17: C-1 vs C-3 Boys BB

Start 3:00 PM

Location: Mayfield

NOV 17: Girls A and B Soccer

Start 3:00 PM vs Clairbourn

Location: Mayfield

NOV 19: C-1 vs C-2 Boys BB

Start 3:00 PM

Location: Mayfield

NOV 19: Girls A and B Soccer

Start 3:00 PM vs Westridge

Location: Mayfield

Tennis Schedule

Girls Soccer Schedule

Boys A/B Team Basketball Schedule

Boys C Basketball Schedule

Have you followed us on Twitter yet? @MJSAthletics It's a great way to get up-to-date game results!

Bikes, Skateboards, and iCruzes

Just a reminder that these are only allowed on campus if they are used as a means of transportation to and from school. They should be stored in a safe place during the school day; students are not allowed to ride them on campus.

Hover Boards are NOT allowed on campus.

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Things to Look Forward to...

  • Tuesday, November 17: St. Francis HS Tour, 9-11:30am

  • Friday, November 20: End of Trimester 1

  • Saturday, November 21: Practice ISEE (see info above)

  • Wednesday-Friday, November 25-27: No School, Thanksgiving

  • Monday, November 30: Advent Prayer Service, 8am

  • Saturday, December 5: ISEE, 8am-12pm HPAC

  • Tuesday, December 8: Mass of the Immaculate Conception, 9am GYM

  • Thursday, December 10-Thursday, December 17: Final Exams

  • Friday, December 11: Mother's Christmas Luncheon, 8th graders are invited to sit with their mothers

  • Tuesday, December 15: Christmas Concert, 5:30pm St. Andrew Church

  • Friday, December 18: Christmas Prayer Service, 9:10am GYM

HALF DAY - noon dismissal

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8th Grade Advisory Team

Pamela Danni, Team Leader and Director of Student Activities (pdanni@mayfieldjs.org)

Lisa Byrne, Advisor, Play Director, and Co-Team Leader (lbyrne@mayfieldjs.org)

Chris Goethals, Advisor and Secondary School Liaison (cgoethals@mayfieldjs.org)

Juan Garcia, Advisor and Student Council Leader (jgarcia@mayfieldjs.org)

Ruth Villarreal, Advisor and Athletics Director (rvillarreal@mayfieldjs.org)

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