Scientific Revolution

Torino G. 2nd

What was the change?

The Scientific Revolution changed the way people viewed our Earth and Universe. It was a massive change in the way people think about science, and is still admired to this day. Since ancient times, people in the Middle Ages believed that the Earth was the center of the Universe,which is called the geocentric model. Several people were curious about this statement, and those wanted to prove themselves!

Who were the people associated with the change?

How did the change impact society at the time?

The change in the Scientific Revolution put a negative effect on the church, as they would not believe this "folly". The church was angered with Copernicus because his theory did not involve Christ at all. Galileo was persistent, as he did not not care about dying, but eventually stopped his work. He was then put on house arrest until his unfortunate death.

How is that change evidenced in today's modern society?

The Scientific Revolution changed the way people looked at the world. Many questions were answered, such as weather Earth is a gigantic ball or not. Earth is really a flat surface that fools the eyes to look like a sphere. Theories of gravity are now explained, such as "what goes up must come down". The way that the Universe works will always be complicated, so luckily we have geniuses out there to sum all of the information into our heads. The Universe, and everything in it will always be a mystery!