CHristopher Banerjee

Brief Summary

Insomnia is a book about a character named Parker who is what he calls a "watcher". A watcher is someone who watches other peoples dream instead of having there own.During his junior year in high school he meets this girl name Mia, at first she seems like an ordinary girl but when he starts to watch her dreams he notices that he is able to sleep in her dreams. But something about being able to sleep again has changed him. Is it for better or worse?

List of Charaters

  • Parker-The main character and the "watcher"
  • Finn- Parker's best friend and Addie's older brother.
  • Addie- Finns little sister
  • Mia- New kid in the high school and her dreams help Parker sleep
  • Jeff-Captain of the soccer team and Mia's Foster Brother
  • Matt-On the soccer team and wants Parker kick off the team
  • Thor- Matt's side kick
  • Mom-Parker's mom
  • Mr.Parker-Father of Finn and Addie

Character Analysis for Finn

Trait 1:Loyal

Helps Parker trick Mia into talking to him even though he has been acting strange.

Trait 2: Trusting

Believes about Parker's powers/Ability


His shirt read "I'd flex but i like this shirt. That was Finn. His entire wardrobe was like that.

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No matter how alone you feel you an always count on a friend for help

Important Event

When Parker is able to talk and touch the dreamer in the dream
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T would recommend this book who likes a thrilling and mysterious type of writing style and and adventurous way of saying things.