Edition #13-November 16, 2015

TEAM means Together Everyone Achieves More. There is also NO "I" in TEAM-Graphic credit to Wendy Fields

Each great school team has some similar traits.

  1. They Believe
  2. They Learn
  3. They Plan
  4. They Share
  5. and They Care

***Put TOGETHER after each of these and You have the SOUTH ingredients for STUDENT SUCCESS!

TODAY is Your Birthday!!!

November 18-Pattie Sigmon

Calendar Items

  • School Leadership Meeting 8-9:30 in reading room (Only Teachers need attend)
  • Kindergarten Data Wall from 10-11 in reading room
  • 1st grade Data Wall from 11-12 in reading room
  • Elementary Data Meeting at MMS from 2:30-5:00
  • PTSO meeting from 6:30-7:30


  • Dental Van should arrive Late Morning
  • 3rd grade Data Wall from 2-3 in reading room
  • Chick-Fil-A Night from 5-8


  • PTSO Staff Appreciation Lunch


  • HillWrap for Principals from 10-12
  • 2nd grade Data Wall from 1-2


  • Student of the Month Field trip from 9:15-12:15

Dismissal from Hallways this week!!!

Assistants met with Mrs. Robinson and Dr. Cottone and decided to give this a try!

Energy Savings

Way to Save Energy South...From August 2014-July 2015

Saved $37,415 for a cost avoidance of 23.5%

-keep turning lights off when not in rooms

-use natural light when appropriate

-turn off or put computers on sleep when not in room

-always turn smart board off when not in use


The Calendar committee...Voos, Erin M, Tif M, and myself have a calendar for each team's review. Please provide us any feedback and if you have questions we cannot answer we will direct them to Dr. Todd Black.

Book Donations

From this week until December 18th South will be collecting gently used or new books. The members of the Mooresville High School FCCLA club will be donating the collected books to MIS EC classrooms. The class with the most collected books will win a party of their choice: ice cream, doughnuts, or pizza. There will be boxes in the front of the school to place the books and a box to collect slips (these will be provided to each room) that will track the data for the winning class.


Remember to promote Can Food and Shoe Drive for Christian Mission!!! Class with most Cans gets a Cici's Pizza Party!


THE CHALLENGE BEGINS this week...via your FITBIT or Pedometer app.

How it works:

-Fitbit Users will join the "Workweek Hustle". At the end of the week we will see who has recorded the most steps throughout the week.

-If you downloaded a Pedometer app you will ADD your work week steps into the GOOGLE DOC. ( I WILL ADD THE FITBIT members #s myself)

- Then we will declare the winner Monday! We will do it in a true Olympic fashion- GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE) Rewards will be provided.

(Please note the work week steps include ALL steps you take during the day/week not just your steps you take during work hours!)

Free Pedometer Apps: Argus, Pacer, Stepz, Map my Walk

Fitbit users please refer to the South's Fitbit Stars google doc to add each other as friends- I will create the Workweek Hustle challenge this weekend.

This is a great opportunity to live a more productive, active lifestyle. Join in on the FUN and COMPETITION!!!


Teacher's should have this valuable data on the evening of November 19. Dr. Cottone will be meeting with you to discuss this piece of valuable data. #Continuous Improvement

We are SOUTH!!!

Under Dr. Marsh's leadership South achieved this High Performance honor for the 2nd consecutive year and Dr. Cottone is determined to continue this honor. Stay student focused, STAY UNITED, and keep on growing in all we do!

THANK YOU Cheryl McCrorey!!!

Well let's see this PD with THE NIGHT ZOOKEEPER has all of SOUTH fired up to Write!!! I was screaming at Car Riders through windows to go to the Zoo tonight and students were like YA I will! With this experience we hit global learning, digital learning, collaboration, gaming, writing, and school-wide togetherness! #keepwriting @nightzookeeper