Radiology Dentists

Healthy Teeth

Job Description

I choose radiology dentists to research because I'm interested in learning about the job. Radiologists takes the x-rays of the teeth. Also they clean the human mouth. You need to have cleaning utensils for the mouth. Such as foam paste to clean your teeth, a light to look in clearly , a machine that checks for what's wrong , and so many other types of materials.

Radiologist Dentistry

I am interested in becoming a radiologist because your studying about the technology used for x-rays for the teeth. Also I am interested in cleaning the mouth. I am interested because your making it look cleaner and better . Another reason why I am interested in becoming a radiologist is because of the money coming in. I'm obviously going to need money for my bills.
Salary : 149,310

Education/Training : Doctoral or professional degree

Job Out : 16%