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Week of November 23, 2015

Around the Building

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Arrivals and Departures

I'm pleased to announce that Yolanda Cameron will be our 3rd grade reading tutor. Yolanda will be working 5.5 hours a day and will begin working in December.
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United Way

United Way forms are in the elementary office if you'd like to donate.

Due Date: They have to be back to Central Office by December 1, 2015. LATE FORMS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED.

The information below for the amount of pays the deductions would be taken out per classification of employee.

  • 12 MONTH STAFF: 15
  • 9, 91/2 MONTH SEC: 19
  • 10 &101/2 MONTH SEC.: 18
  • SUPER. TREAS.: 17

Deductions would begin with the December 11th, 2015 pay.

GISA Music Tour

On Friday, December 11th, the GISA (Global Impact Stem Academy) Music Students will be "going on tour" and visiting Northridge Elementary. The assembly will begin at 9:00 a.m. in the gym. The performance is optional to attend.

Holiday Music Assembly, December 18th

The middle school band and choir will again perform for the elementary students on the last day before Christmas break. The program will begin at 9:00 a.m.


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Terra Nova Results

Here are the passage rates for the 3rd Grade Terra Novas:

RHES - 70/97 passed (72%)

NRES - 61/82 passed (74%)

SVES - 77/105 passed (73%)

Evaluation Requirements for Teachers Rated Accomplished and Skilled

I've been asked if teachers who are rated "Accomplished" or "Skilled" will have to be evaluated every year. Ultimately it is a district decision and here is what ODE has to say regarding the matter: Click Here

Online series about Third Grade Reading Guarantee now available

A new series of online recordings help teachers and school administrators wanting a deeper understanding of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee and early literacy. The series covers topics such as instructional strategies to use when teaching reading, aligning Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plans (RIMPs) to individualized education programs (IEPs), communicating with families, and summer literacy programming. Educators also will find a Literacy Instructional Toolkit that provides resources pertaining to early literacy research and support.

New teacher Web pages published; sample items and practice tests available

The department made revisions to several Ohio’s State Tests Web pages to make information more accessible to teachers, parents, test coordinators and other administrators. The new or revised pages include an introductory page and specific pages for teachers on content preparation and test administration. Pages include:

  • Ohio’s State Tests in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies – This page provides a general overview about the tests, including their purpose, test length and who takes what test and when. You may wish to share this page with parents as you approach testing time.
  • Content Preparation for Teachers – This link serves as a “home page” for teachers who are planning their instruction so students will acquire the knowledge and skills called for in Ohio’s Learning Standards. Teachers will find test blueprints, test specifications, sample test items, practice tests and other resources that will help them and their students get ready for the state tests.
    Blueprints serve as guides for test construction and provide an outline of the content and skills to be measured. They contain information about individual tests, including the number of test items, the number of points on the tests and show how the learning standards will be grouped to report the test results. Note that in science and social studies, blueprints are part of test specification documents, which include more information about the content the tests will assess. The department will continue posting resources on the pages for each content area:

If you have comments or questions about these Web pages or suggestions for more information you would like to see online, please send those to statetests@education.ohio.govwith “testing website” in the subject line.

This month in STAR:

  1. Schedule and prepare for winter screening (11/30/2015-12/11/2015)
  2. Consider assessing all students at the end of the first marking period. Some reports require three data points to calculate a trend line. An assessment here enables you to have a trend line for all students after winter screening.
  3. Generate a State Standards Mastery Report by class or by student. This provides you baseline information as to where your students are performing in relation to the standards.
  4. Generate Student Progress Monitoring Reports for all students who have a goal set in the Goal-Setting Wizard. This report requires four data points to calculate a trend. Analyze the data to determine if changes in the intervention plan are needed.

MEMO 612-This week's quotes and articles come from AMLE Magazine, School Library Journal, ASCD Inservice, Education Week, Educational Leadership, School Administrator, Education Update, Mathematics Teacher, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Elementary School Journal, and Phi Delta Kappan. The headlines:

  • Key insights from Grant Wiggins
  • Richard Stiggins on formative assessment
  • Asking the right questions in PLCs
  • What UDL looks like in two classrooms
  • Four types of assessment and how they can be used
  • Going beyond growth mindset to teach students optimism
  • Hard isn't bad
  • When should a teacher disclose a personal tragedy?
  • Measuring the "working alliance" between teacher and student
  • Helping students find primary sources
  • Recess in other countries
  • International comparisons

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To listen to a podcast of last week's Memo (#611), please click here:

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Things to do:

  1. Let Jen know if you can't print to your user box.
  2. 3rd Grade Teachers: Login and check AIR Accounts
  3. Schedule and prepare for winter screening (11/30/2015-12/11/2015)
  4. Professional Growth Plan to evaluator/December 1st (Complete in eTPES)
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10 Day Forecast

Monday, November 23

  • Pledge Chrisman
  • 3rd Grade Team Meeting, 7:55 a.m.
  • 2nd Grade Team Meeting, 10:00 a.m.

Tuesday, November 24

  • Pledge Everhart
  • Second Harvest Food Bank Barrel Pickup
  • IAT-Mann-7:30 a.m.
  • Kindergarten Team Meeting, 1:05 p.m.

Wednesday, November 25

  • Conference Make-up Day, No School

Thursday, November 26

  • Happy Thanksgiving, No School

Friday, November 27

  • Thanksgiving Break, No School

Monday, November 30

  • Pledge-Hoppes
  • IAT Follow-up-Blaker, 8:00 a.m.

Tuesday, December 1

  • Pledge-Blaker
  • 3rd Grade Fall AIR Reading Assessment

Wednesday, December 2

  • Pledge-Curtin
  • 3rd Grade Fall AIR Reading Assessment

Thursday, December 3

  • Pledge-Doogs

Friday, December 4

  • Pledge-Harris
  • Magazine Sale Reward Assembly, 12:30 p.m.
  • Parents Night Out, 6-9 p.m.