Kitemark Systems

What is Kitemark

It is a certification that the product/service meets that standard for safety and performance, it is a symbol acting like assurance that the product is durable and safe to use everyday, kite mark symbol can be found on electrical plugs, double glazed windows, emergency equipments.

What is quality? why is't important?

It is product/service that meets customer requirement/demand. It is very important because customers will be loyal making them to repeat purchase and recommendation to other thus making more sales and profit.

ISO 9001 quality management

ISO is a quality management system that will allow organisation frequently monitor and manage quality across all of their operation. It is recognized all over the world by its quality management standard, outline ways to achieve, benchmark, strong performance and service. The benefits of this system is you will save money, increase profit, increase competitive and increase in customer satisfaction

ISO 14001 Environmental Management

ISO 14001 Environmental Management is a international standard that will help the business to reduce environment impact and helps to grow the business. This is done by helping the business to remain profitable without overlooking environmental responsibilities. To extent the ISO 14001 system will give you the framework to be successful by meeting the customer expectation of corporate responsibility and the regulatory requirements. The advantage of this system would be it will reduce waste and energy use this will cut the cost of operating the business.

Investors in People

Investors in People (IiP) is a framework that will improve business performance, remind them their objective by the effective management and development of their employee.

The 3 Principles

  1. Plan- Research and Develop strategies to increase performance of the business
  2. Do- Doing the plan the make the business performance to improve.
3.Review- Reviewing and evaluating the aftermath on the performance.

The benefits of this would be recognition and development, better communication, improved job satisfaction and the customers and stakeholders satisfaction is improve as well as the service.