Weekly Update 11.3.14

And October Re-Cap

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Well, it's here! The BIGGEST month of the Stella & Dot year! Are you ready for it? This is the month where ANYTHING can happen! Is your calendar where you want it to be? Let's have some fun this week as we BOOK, BOOK, BOOK up November. I have a MONEY JAR loaded with $100 to get the party started and every time you add a NEW trunk show to your NOVEMBER calendar I'm throwing $1 in the jar. I will draw a name on Saturday morning at 9am EST and one of you will win all of the money in the jar!

Who is feeling motivated to make this month a BIG one? You do not want to miss out on the BEST month of the year so get your calendars ready, plan to participate in the blitzes this week and let's break all sorts of records this month!

Post on our Southern Charms facebook page when you book a NEW November show to have your name in the drawing. Online shows and vendor events do not count.
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Let's Celebrate October Promotions!

Leslie Cumbow - Senior Stylist

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Hometown: Abingdon, VA
Start Date: September 20, 2013
Stats: mother of 2 toddlers, full time high school math teacher, finishing a masters in math, Hokie football fan (insert sad face)
Fave part of S&D business: I no longer have to do after school tutoring or homebound instruction to supplement my income!
3 month goal: I hope to have hit and maintained Star Stylist and see my team find the love and success I've found with Stella & Dot!

Kerstin Engel - Senior Stylist

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Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Start Date: February 14, 2014
Stats: mom of 2 kids, enjoy spending time with the family, love to travel
Fave part of S&D business: To be able to work on a schedule that fits into our busy family life, connecting with the amazing Stella&Dot sisterhood, and to share the sdlove, sdhappiness, and sdjoy with so many women out there!
3 month goal: To promote to STAR

Jessica Gelsinon - Senior Stylist

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Hometown: Mountainside, NJ
Start Date: October 2013
Stats: Full time account executive for a national trade show with a love of interior design, Hokie football, New York sports, the beach, a good IPA and Disney World.
Fave part of S&D business: You really do get out of it what you put in. And the growth potential is unlike any other job. The rewards are immediate and it's such a confidence booster for me. This job has made me a happier person overall. It's a good feeling to be proud of yourself.
3 month goal: Hit STAR!

Sonia Henderson - Senior Stylist

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Hometown: London, UK
Start Date: October 17, 2011
Stats: Day job is Communications Manager for the UK Government
Fave part of S&D business: Growing my team! It's gone from 2 to 7 stylists since Hoopla at the end of September and am loving the mentoring and watching them grow
3 month goal: Star, glam level 2 and stellar seller for November :)

Shannon Dewitt - Senior Stylist

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Hometown: Smithfield Va
Start Date: 2/5/14
Stats: Mother of 2 boys! Senior Buyer for Continental Automotive. I am around men all the time, work home... I need Stella & Dot to bring girliness to my life!!!! I also Love to shop! Ha- should have been a fashion buyer.
Fave part of S&D business: Girl time! And helping women find there own Stella & Dot Style!
3 month goal: Star but I will push for Associate Director

Liz Smith - Senior Stylist

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Hometown: Chevy Chase, MD

Start Date: 04/21/13

Stats: Style junkie, actress and producer, mother to six year old Maisie, baby # 2 arriving next month. Married for 14 years to the wonderful Bill Smith (who is a great Stella & Dot host & huge fan of the company!), Best friends since age 13 with the world's greatest mentor, leader & sponsor, Kimberly Beucler Jones.

Fave part of S&D business: Flexibility, ability to earn money to help support my family on my own terms, this fantastic community of women, AND the style!! Being a part of Stella & Dot has had an effect on my life so positive that it's hard to describe.

3 month goal: (Actually, ONE month goal) To promote to STAR!! Must go to the Dominican Republic in May - AND qualify for the Founding Leaders Pool. I am also thrilled at the prospect of continuing to grow and support my team of fantastic women!

On a personal note - looking forward to the arrival of a happy, healthy baby (after I knock out the ten trunk shows I plan to do between now and then!) ; )

Autumn Kirk - Senior Stylist

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Hometown: Bluffton, SC
Start Date: 1/16/14
Stats: I am an Awesome Auntie, I love to give makeovers, plan events, volunteer in my community, travel as often as possible, and cook for friends & family. I am a dog mommy to Gracie, my four year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who is my sunshine. Soulmate to the love of my life, Charles.
Fave part of S&D business: I love that this business not only allows me the freedom to balance my work & personal life, but that it also allows me to earn unlimited earnings, rewards, and incentives. I love that it forces me out of my comfort zone to meet new people! But most of all, I love the Stella sisterhood that allows me to celebrate each victory as a team. The support, love, & teamwork in our team is unparalleled. I feel so blessed.

3 month goal: to promote to Star, sign six new stylists, coach my stylists to promote, and to be the best I can be. Oh, and to pick out new sparkly shoes for Hoopla.

Tara Bohm - Senior Stylist

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Marcy Abate - Star Stylist

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Hometown: I'm from Syracuse, NY, but I live in Arlington, VA
Start Date: Feb 2011
Stats: 27, Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach, but due to some life transitions this past 6 months, Stella & Dot has been my full-time job. I never thought I would find myself in the position I was in 6 months ago when my husband told me he wanted a divorce and I had already quit my full-time job to be stationed in California with him. I never would have survived without this business - in the depths when I thought I lost everything, I remember telling my friends and family "well, I have Stella & Dot..." That was so empowering. Last month's paycheck hitting STAR was like a "real job" paycheck!!!

Fave part of S&D business: Not a fair question, too many things, but probably the sisterhood is what I value most.
3 month goal: I worked so hard to hit Star and really feel like my sponsor (Julie) and my team deserve equal recognition. My goal is to keep sponsoring consistently and coaching so that others can achieve their goals and we can enjoy this amazing adventure together.

Karla Dofflemyer - Star Stylist

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Hometown: Earlysville, VA
Start Date: April 30, 2014
Stats: I'm a work at home Mom of 3 crazy girls: Maddie (5), Ellorie (3), and Sophie (1). I love watching them grow and learn - they are my why! I love hanging out with my hubby of almost 9 years, Andy. I'm really a homebody and I love to be at home. I love to decorate our home and paint furniture. Oh, and I love coffee and wine and dessert......
Fave part of S&D business: I love spending time with other women and making them feel beautiful. And earning an income doing it??? Awesome. I love all of my new friends and business partners. Spending time kid-free with all of these amazing women is the best! The free jewelry isn't bad either ;)
3 month goal: Glam Getaway and Associate Director!

Congrats to our newest Associate Stylists!

Emily O'Connor
Corbin Franklin
Danna Katzman
Katherine Lester
Cara Bennett
Amber Pyo
Laurie Fetterman
Julia Smith
Heather Hicks
Erin Pinaire
Jenna Barazi
Holly Parinello
Amy Musselman
Elizabeth Brinkman
Karen Hutter
Dawn Biddlecomb
Patricia Flynn
Cathleen Poland
Elizabeth Golaboski
Susan Quintas
Carole Cameron
Shelly Tudor
Barbara Brooks
Katherine Atkinson
Kathryn Alexander
Nicole Brosey
Danielle Sweene
Emily Sheipe

And Congrats to our Newest Lead Stylists!

Elyse Johnson
Lorin Miller
Janelle Scudder
Megan Doucet
Lori Wallace
Jacqulyn Reckline
Noelle Hanko
Ashley Crute
Angela Luminello
Heather Pappas

Top Sellers - October

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Elizabeth Smith 10,865

Barbara Ellis 10,236
Karla Dofflemyer 10,100
Kelly Cox 8,655
Marcy Abate 7,747
Lyric Hassler 7,419
Kim Jones 6,663
Anne Grewe 6,565
Cathleen Poland 6,284
Amanda Mcdanel 6,273

Top Sellers - November Month to Date

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Meredith Sorkin 2,715

Jenna Barazi 2,451
Megan Moore 2,340
Donna Naylor 1,877
Cameron Osborne 1,675
Devlyn Ross 1,491
Kristen Alfred 1,355
Elizabeth Smith 1,327
Kianna Wade 1,314
Victoria Husband 1,290

Top in Sponsoring- October

Congrats to these three ladies for each sponsoring 3 new stylists!

Sarah Field

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Christine Swartz

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Congrats on sponsoring 2 new Stylists!

Lisa Weigard
Liz Smith
Kim Jones
Lindsy Wiltshire
Courtnay Gilmore
Sonia Henderson
Nicole Brosey
Jess Sigler
Victoria Husband
Ashley Ryan
Autumn Kirk
Katherine Lester
Cheryl Dejesus

There were many more who joined in October - congrats to all of you who grew your team!

Local Events

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McLean/Arlington, VA
Monday, November 3rd
7:00 Meet Stella & Dot
Register Here
7:45 Local Stylist Meeting
Register Here

Ashburn, VA
Tuesday, November 4th
Annie Brinker's Home
7:00 Meet Stella & Dot followed by All Stylist Training
Register Here

New York, New York
Tuesday, November 11th
Archstone Chelsea Apartments- Gallery Level
6:30 Meet Stella & Dot
7:00 Training with Jessica Sigler
Register Here

Check the Events tab (under Training) in the Lounge to find more events happening across the country!

Home Office Training Calls

You are in business FOR yourself, not BY yourself! Training/Coaching is an important aspect of your business if you are wanting to grow and take your business to new heights! Here are GREAT ways to do it (check the lounge for registration details)!
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Welcome New Stylists!

Congrats on choosing Stella & Dot! We can't wait to help you grow your business!

Hana Albarazi
Laura Berkey
Christina Bucci-Murray
Elizabeth Frisse
Karen Gallagher
Melissa Norton
Courtney Jones
Susan Kim
Lindsey Klingensmith
Bonnie Peluso
Christina Stowers
Michelle Wainwright
Tia Washington-Davis
Rhoda Wheeler

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My Upcoming Show Schedule

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December 3rd Midlothian

December 4th Chesterfield

Hope you have a great week!

XO, Kelly

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