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Learn About Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is an inspirational and important historical figure. He was born in 1874 in Marlborough, England. Throughout his childhood he was very lonely because of his parents being very social and having busy jobs. His nanny Elizabeth Everest was the motherly figure in his life. He has shown throughout his life that he is a very hardworking, intelligent, and brave man. For example on his first leave in the military, instead of going home to relax he traveled to cuba to watch and write about the Spanish troops put down a rebellion. He never stopped trying and always worked hard in order to achieve what he has. Another example of these characteristics is when he came home when he was 25 years old being a famous author and war hero. However his greatest accomplishment was when he became the Under-Secretary of State in the Colonial Office. During this time he made it an obligation to get his name out there. He once said, “Never give in. Never, never,never,never- in nothing, great or small, large or petty- never give in.” We know from this quote that he is a very hardworking man and never gave up on himself or other people. Overall, you can see that Winston Churchill is a great historical man that never stopped trying.

Learn About Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson is a very inspirational man. He was the first African American to play baseball in the major leagues. There were many adversities that he had to push through to make an impact on the country and the world. He teamed up with a man named Branch Rickey and was asked to play with the Brooklyn Dodgers to create the Noble Experiment. The Noble Experiment was to show people why everyone should have the same rights. Jackie Robinson joining this experiment effected himself and others around him. As a result, he faced a lot of rejection from many different people. His teammates, coaches, other teams, fans, etc. They would do anything in their power to get Jackie off the field and off the team. Even though he faced all the rejection from so many people, there were still people cheering him on. He inspired many to stick up for what they believed in even if it wasn’t for all people to be treated equal. He made an impact on people and showed them to be confident and fight for what is right. In conclusion, Jackie Robinson made a big impact on the rights of African Americans. He helped African Americans have the same rights as others and inspired people to take a stand. He helped transform what people thought of African Americans. Maybe some day you will make a big impact on the world and be triumphant too.

Jackie Robinson

This is the resilient Jackie Robinson.

Learn About Their Journey

In the video, Losing To Win it shows the life of teenage girls who are struggling with family, friends, finances, etc. They have had a tough life,their parents abusing drugs or abusing them, they don’t have enough money to pay for food or clothes, and feel like nobody cares for them. They were all shipped off to the school Carol Academy which is a school were troubled teens go to recover and get the help they need. Everyone is required to play basketball to help with their recovery. The only problem is that they have been on a 218 game losing streak. This is a problem because these girls already don’t have any hope in themselves, but now they feel even less hope in themselves and their teammates. Although they still haven’t won a game by the end of the season, they still came up with a solution. They persevered and stayed on the basketball team even though they haven’t won a game. They noticed that they have a family and that they are less alone, and they learned to trust each other. Even though they didn’t win a game, they won because they learned how to do all these things which are way more important than winning a basketball game. It’s manifest to see how their outlook towards life changed completely. They now have the life skills that they were lacking before they came to the school and will hopefully carry those lessons through their whole lives.
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The Girls

These are the girls that were on the basketball team.

Learn About Eleanor Roosevelt

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Learn About Their Story

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