Who Do You Say I Am

But who do you say I am?

God, Jesus, you, me, everybody. We all have one thing in common, we are all connected through God, we are all made in his likeness. We may all be alike in this way but we are also different. There lies the question "Who do you say I am?" Jesus is God, but in human form. We are God, but not quite in the way Jesus is. Jesus has all of God's powers and is immortal in a sense. We, on the other hand, are blessed by the Holy Spirit to proclaim and spread God's word, just as Jesus did but without his powers. Jesus is the foundation of myself, and I must build upon it to make something beautiful. That is who I am.
Child of the Poor (By: Instik Baguio)

Meaningful Passages

Galatians 6:17

"From now on, let no one make troubles for me; for I bear the marks of Jesus on my body."

Numbers 14:8

"If the LORD is pleased with us, he will bring us in to this land and give it to us, a land which flows with milk and honey."
These quotes mean to me much more than simple words in the Bible, they represent who I am, through my life. I have no fears as long as I know Jesus is with me and he is always with me, just like marks on a body. He makes me fearless. I want to grow and prosper as a follower of God and Jesus. God gave me that through giving me life, now it is my job to make something out of, just like you would with land. He gives me hope. I am fearless and hopeful with the help of Jesus and God.

The Poor

Jesus is the poor, he is testing us in the way of if he taught us well and we know the right thing to do is help him. Through the poor we see Jesus, and we must help just as he would want.