The Wonderment

Global Awareness, Creativity, Communication

What is The Wonderment

The Wonderment is a place where a new generation of creators can connect and use their creativity TO CHANGE THEIR WORLD.
As an educator, the Wonderment is:
A plug-and-play way to connect your classroom or library to other kids around the world through inspiring, self-directed creative collaboration.
A connected global audience for your kids’ creativity.
A way to expand your kids’ awareness of the world and put a meaningful tool in their hands to change it—without having to set up the projects yourself.

The Challenge

Paths are ideas from kids and teachers all over the world with a creative challenge they want you to do with them. They can fun, artistic, sill or serve others. There are all kinds of ways to be creative. Choose one of the paths and share with you students. Share a link to your challenge on Twitter using the hashtags; #HeritageExplorers and #HETechChallenge.

If you have time, feel free to also leave a comment at the bottom of how you use Wonderment in the classroom!


1. Go to
2. Join
3. Go to email to confirm your membership
4. Click to Activate (red button)
5. Click on the Path button
6. Explore the different Paths (At school you may have to over ride for You Tube Videos)
7. Pick a Path and take a Challenge
8. The Challenge will give you directions and ways to share
9. Share your student's challenge via Twitter #HeritageExplorers and #HETechChallenge