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Annelies M. Gentile, MA, ACC

Integrative Coach, Consultant & Facilitator
Annelies is committed to helping heart-centered leaders, entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations and passionate professionals thrive by guiding them to raise their bar and get out of their own way through powerful conversations and interesting catalytic experiences. Each season she provides inspiring nuggets of wisdom through newsletters and invites to upcoming events. If you find this useful, be the gift that keeps giving, share it with a friend!

When the body talks, it's Time to Listen

Ever deal with chronic pain? I have. More so than ever. It's a difficult and anxiety-provoking experience that makes everyday seem like a task. Some days it's like chasing a mouse around the kitchen. I think I've got it cornered and then it slips away, inhabiting another zone for a bit. I've clients who deal with this too and often they keep their pain hidden from people they love, so it gets worse. If you deal with any sort of chronic issue like stress, overwhelm, illness or pain-- keep reading. Here's a few useful tid-bits to help you cope.

  • SAY NO TO LABELS: No matter what your "thing" is labeled, either by you or a health professional, it's hard to carry a label. It creates a box with no door and a depth of ownership that may be hard to release, especially if it's a long-term issue. It makes the label "mine". Give yourself a break and invite this "thing" to be non-permanent, a temporary resident that's here to teach you something powerful and useful.

  • HOLD CURIOSITY: Be patient. Slow down, be kind, be gentle with yourself, be interested and curious about what's unfolding for you. Listen. The body speaks loud and clear. For me, I struggle with blaming my body for negating me the freedom I once had. What did I do wrong? I ask myself. Why me? Asking is important but its more useful when I ask, "Hey pain (or insert your issue here), what are you here for? What's my lesson, my learning in this? What's needed of me?" You may be surprised to hear an answer.

  • DANCE IN THE MOMENT: Sometimes the issue is here for a good reason, to teach us to slow down, to be more mindful, to discover and draw out an untapped gift or talent, or to call out an existentialist B.S. check. ie; "Are you being genuine?" If you're patient and willing to go into the issue verses skirting it, ignoring it, blaming it on other people/things/experiences, maybe, just maybe you're that much closer to being in a full-on dance with life itself. It takes a step to the right, a sense of the beat, a bow to what is and commitment to the experience no matter how "fugly" it may look to you or others-- own the dance, not the suffering. The Buddah said, "Pain in life is inevitable, suffering is optional."

  • FIND YOUR TRIBE: I don't do Facebook, for a handful of very good reasons. I realize sharing issues of all sorts are common there but I sense it's a false world that misses the mark of what's needed. Genuine face-to-face sharing, specifically in a community where one can be heard and matched with others experiencing similar issues. As an example, I recently discovered one of my dear friends struggles with chronic pain as well. It's something neither one of us shared much to anyone. Opening up, being vulnerable and being heard was deeply cathartic. Complaining often closes doors, but being observant and curious opens them.

As a reminder, Reflect on Your Life

According to Eastern traditions, spring is a time for new growth, upward and outward movement, creativity, rebirth, organizing, clarity, forgiveness and hope. With spring comes new life. Tiny new shoots show themselves and announce, "I'm here and ready to grow!" We are also blooming and growing as we move into spring too. Take time to examine and be amazed!

In the spirit of spring, ask yourself…

  • What’s new in your life?
  • What are you giving birth to, literally, metaphorically, symbolically?
  • What steps can you take to move 'what's stuck' forward?

Plan ahead & join us!


Mondays 6-8pm

May 23rd-Oct 24th

  • Wisdom Circle is a 6-month, invitation-only facilitated accountability mastermind group for heart-centered professionals designed to provide the sacred space needed to think, plan and take action towards important milestone goals that propel pioneers and their visions, forward. Next one starts soon! Outside of NC? That's ok! One seat is virtual for those outside the NC area. Join us! READ MORE & REGISTER HERE

August 26-28 2016
Pine Knoll Shores, NC

  • Who can relate to life’s inevitable gift of change? We all can. Transition, change, grief, crossroads- this is life. It's not always easy and its sometimes best to bravely face some of these issues in the presence of others who can hold a safe space. Transform feelings of loss, grief, change and transition into healing through creative expression and community. Take time to reflect among compassionate women in a beautiful natural environment of the sound and shore near Emerald Isle, NC. We’ll explore, commune and release through story, music, meditation, movement, writing, visual art and ritual. If you’ve had a recent loss, big move, life change, or experienced big transition around your personal or professional life, like retirement, empty-nest, lost parent or loved-one, you’ll receive helpful tools, comfort, community and great value from this retreat. $545-$645 (2 nights, 6 meals, private or shared rooms available) Limited to 6 participants

My sweetie Greg and I are planning a few cool happenings together. Email us if you're interested in joining.
  1. Bi-monthly Circle Dinners. 13 people, table-topics for interesting discussion, healthy meals. Invite one, bring a guest $45 per person. 3rd Sunday of the month 4-7pm
  2. Camp Unplugged Oct 8-10, Lake Jordan, NC
  3. Life in Rhythm Eco-Retreat in Jamaica, January 2017

Annelies M. Gentile, MA, ACC

If this newsletter is coming to you at a good or synchronistic time for you or for another you know, let's talk. My number is below and my consultations are free. I help people solve problems, communicate better and bridge transitions, crossroads or stuck spots. I work with individuals, groups and businesses of mostly passionate professionals who are busy and overwhelmed by the requirements of life and work, and serve in a variety of ways such as personal coaching, seminars and retreats. I'm also available for inspiring and informative speaking engagements.

For more than 23 years
I've been challenging and inspiring people to live and work at their best through visionary practices that transform the status quo and tease out extraordinary human potential. I hold a Master's in coaching from Maryland University of Integrative Health, studied conflict transformation and peace-building in Switzerland's European Graduate School, and am certified with the International Coaching Federation.

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