San Antonio

Rudy Gay

San Antonio is a amasing please to visit.Many people prefer to visit other states.Howeever they dont realise we have amasing things like the Alamo,San Antonio Spurs,Tower of Americas and a intristinggotel called the manger hotel.

Just entering the Alamo its like walking to the war that happen. You can almost here blasting aound if the gun. The amasing almo was built in 1836

The San Antonio Spus ,starded 1967 they joined the NBA in 1976 .The owner is of this team is Peter Holt ,the head coach is Gregg PopovichWhen you go to one of there games al you here is fans chearing.

The Tower of Americas is huge it is about 622(190m) tall. When you go yoiu can see evriting .It stands down town close to the Alamo.

The Manger Hotel is the oldest hotel in San Antonio. Whe you go in there all you see is Historical,Elegence,Western,hospitality,and a time of frionter legends

So we do have amasing places to go visit.So next time pick San Antonio.I wonder if you will