An Endangered Species


Indirect Threats

Climate Change- AKA: Co-Infection, disease distemper comes from climate change and that's what effects the lions the most, in 1994 and 2001 distemper outbreaks caused huge die-offs due to severe drought

Diseased Prey- weaken with malnutrition, become infested with ticks that carry a blood parasite, lions eat these animals still because they're easy to catch and become infested themselves, in 1994 and 2001 this killed twice as many lions as it should have

Human Threats

-Population Growth (loss of habitat)

-Agricultural Expansion (loss of habitat)


-Poaching by livestock owners


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According to The Defenders of Wildlife there is no reason for farmers and ranchers to kill and poison these animals. People are working to develop this living environment called a "boma," which will keep livestock safe from predators such as the lion, and will keep the lions safe from protective ranchers and farmers.
Lions are also high on tourist attractions. In the end, farmers and ranchers would get more money from having these animals around as opposed to killing them off.
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This is a map of where lions range in Africa.


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