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October 2015

Have You Checked Out Trueflix?

Trueflix is based of the award winning True Books series. It's available totally online and it's content can help students hone literacy skills, build knowledge of subject-area content, and cultivate 21st Century skills through the inquiry process.
  • TrueFlix aligns to standards for English Language Arts for Grades 3–5:
  • Is a perfect Whiteboard resource with its collection of introductory videos and media types, leveled texts, voice-over reading features, and soft assessments
  • Allows students to graduate from "learning to read" to "reading to learn" and master content area knowledge in science and social studies
  • Supports the Common Core Standards with its featuring of multiple text types and a cross-curricular, nonfiction focus with a soft assessment feature

To access Trueflix, login to your echalk, go to applications under My Account, scroll down and click on the Trueflix icon.

October's Media Schedule

Week of October 5th - Rotation 2

Week of October 12th - Rotation 1

Week of October 19th - Rotation 2

Week of October 26th - Rotation 1

October's Teacher Resources

Author David Shannon's Birthday (Pre-K-2) Oct. 5th

Mystery Series Week (3-5) Week of Oct 5th

Columbus Day (3-5, 6-8) Oct 12th

Winnie the Pooh published 1926 (3-5) Oct. 14th

Dictionary Day (Prek-K) Oct. 16th

First New York City Subway Opened (Prek-2) Oct. 27th

Happy Halloween (PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8 ) Oct. 31st