Friday Flight

February 10-14

Winter Olympics Spirit Week- Join your students in some fun!

Join us in commemorating the 2014 Winter Olympics by participating in Spirit Week:

  • Monday, February 10- Hats off to the Olympians! (Wear your favorite winter hat.)
  • Tuesday, February 11- Support your favorite sport! (Represent your favorite sport or sports team.)
  • Wednesday, February 12- Lowell students shine! (To symbolize the olympic medals, wear sparkle or shine.)
  • Thursday, February 13- Lowell students stay connected! (Join your grade level in wearing one of the Olympic ring colors. (K & 1- Blue; 2-Yellow; 3-Black; 4-Green; & 5-Red)
  • Friday, February 14- We LOVE our country! (Wear Valentine gear or represent the USA or your country of birth.)

Olympic Resources

If you need me...

I know my schedule is exceptionally tight this week. I have multiple meetings at the SSC, and one day where I'm working a half day in the middle of the day because my husband is in Haiti this week. Thanks for understanding! Please e-mail or call my cell phone any time if you need me. (630) 327-0250

This Week's Events

Winter 2014 F & P Schedule

Spirit Week as noted above

Monday, February 10

  • (Battle of the Books; 12-1 in LLC)
  • (Green Club; 3:30-4:40 in LLC)

Tuesday, February 11

  • Kathy @ SSC; Principal meeting in AM & Institute Day meeting in PM
  • (Daisy Scouts; 3:30-5 in Art Room)
  • (After School Tutoring; 3:30-5 in LLC)

Wednesday, February 12

  • Kathy in
  • (ELL Tutoring; 3:30-4:30 p.m. in LLC)

Thursday,February 13

  • Staff meeting @ 8:30 in LLC
  • IEPs/Problem Solving as planned
  • Floor hockey; before school in gym
  • Orchestra; after school in music room
  • Kathy @ ISAT meeting at SSC @ 1:30
  • (Wheaton Park District gym rental; 6:30-7:30 p.m.)

Friday, February 14

  • 4th/5th Grade Talent Show; 12:30-1
  • Valentine activities as planned; if your class or grade level has a planned activity, please share it here.
  • (Chess Club; 3:45-4:45 p.m. in LLC)

Next Staff/Committee Meetings REVISED

February Staff Meetings:

  • Wednesday, February 19- (ISAT)
  • Tuesday, February 25- (Faith on a Cart/ District Updates)


Wellness Committee: TBD

Instructional Team: Tuesday, February 18

Behavior Task Force: March 19th; 1/2 day a.m.

Technology: TBD

Aide monthly meeting: February 20; 8:30-9 a.m.

ISAT Schedule

Staff meeting for those involved in ISAT: Wednesday, February 19

Still have movement resources or recess feedback? Share via the link below.

Long Term Planning

As we keep communication within school and with our parent community a priority, please communicate any important dates that parents may need to know. Please be thinking about special events that you or others in our building may host so we can plan for timely communication of those events.

  • Mondays until otherwise announced- 4th/5th talent show auditions w/Mrs. White in music room; noon-12:30
  • Fridays until otherwise announced- talent shows in 4th/5th grade lunch; talent show team eats lunch with Mrs. White prior
  • January 20-March 14- Kane County Cougars reading program
  • February 20: Cook's Night Out @ Chik-Fil-A
  • February 25: Staff meeting w/Faith re: report card changes @ 8:30 a.m.
  • February 25: Kindergarten Round-up for Class of 2027
  • February 28: Jamboree
  • March 18: Kane County Reading parent verification forms due to Anne McDonald
  • April 11: Kane County Cougars game
  • April 11: Dental Clinic
  • April 22: Step Up Day at Franklin
  • April 25: Culture Fest
  • May 3: Lowell 5K
  • May 16: Beautification Day; 3:30-5
  • May 22: Kane County Cougars game
  • June 3: Discovery Day

Calendars: Scheduling Events

When you are scheduling an even at Lowell, please send an e-mail to Cathy Cebry and Kathy Melton. Cathy will update the building Outlook calendar and the hard copy calendar on her desk. Kathy will update the PTA, the website calendar, and the Friday Flight. The large calendar on the bulletin board by the nurse will no longer be used. See below for a partial list of upcoming events. Please notify us of evens as soon as they are put on your calendar. Thank you!