Class Meetings: 2/11 - 2/14

Friendship Refresh

Monday: February 11th: 3rd - 5th

Good Friendship Qualities VS Bad Friendship Qualities

Tell students talking about different aspects of Friendship over the next two weeks. Tell them that today you are wanting to know from them what are some good qualities of a friend that they have experienced/would like to experience, and what are some bad qualities of a friend that they have experienced/or would like to. (Remind them to not name names or be specific)

Create a T Chart for your class to refer back to later.

Good Qualities vs. Bad Qualities

Tuesday: February 12th: 3rd - 5th

Discussion Question for the Day:

What are some things that make friendship hard?

What are some solutions to these struggles?

Facilitate discussion.

Wednesday: February 13th: Kinder - 2nd

What's to Love?

Ask several students to share what they love most about their friends. You can start by giving examples of good friendship skills.

1. They always treat me like a friend, no matter who's around.

2. They don't talk about me behind my back.

3. They are patient with me when I'm learning something new.

4. They don't blow up at me when I make a mistake.

Ask them to think of someone that they could practice their favorite friendship skill with this week.

Thursday: February 14th: 3rd - 4th

Complimenting Others

Complements to peers don't always come naturally to us. Neither do receiving them. Tell students that today they are going to be practicing giving and receiving complements.

Ask a student to come to the center of the circle with you to model (Pick someone who's social skills you are confident in.) Tell students that you are going to show them a simple example of how to receive and give a complement.


You: _________ I really like that picture you drew.

Student: Thank you!

Ask students which part of compliments is hardest for them or receiving them. Ask them why. Explain that it's different for everyone. Some people are great at giving compliments, but feel award when receiving them. Others feel find receiving, but don't feel confident in giving them.

Have them practice with a peer sometime during the day. It could be a ticket to recess, etc if you need.

Ana Travis

School Counselor

Sonntag Elementary