Canada 2060

How will Canada be in 2060


  1. This smore will be about how Canada's immigration, emigration and demography will change by the year 2060. How will the Aboriginal community change? How will the population change? How will the Government change? Will the death rate increase? Will the birth rate decrease?

Immigration Trends

These are some of our immigration trends;

1) Most of the population comes from India, China and the Philippians.

2) Asia – including the Middle East – was Canada’s largest source of immigrants during the past 5 years, though there is now an increase of immigrants coming from Africa, Caribbean, Central and South America.

3) A vast majority of the immigrants population lives in 4 provinces; Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta. Many live in the nation’s largest and urban areas.

(Canada Statistics)

Population Trends

Some population trends include:

1) The population of Canada in 2014 was 35,524,732 making about 0.49% of the worlds population. The median age is 40.3.

2) People immigrate to Canada to get away from oppression (Refugees), Coming for business (Bushiness Immigrant), Coming for family (Family Immigrants), and eventually they become Permanent Citizens.

3) People Emigrate out of Canada to get out of the harsh climate, because of job opportunities in other countries and because of the high taxes.


How will Canada look?

Canada will be a country that depends on immigration alone. As Canadian mothers have less and less children, the more immigrants are needed.

Immigration will change and people from all over the world will fly in to live in Canada looking for a safe haven.

Pull factors for those may include:

  • Education
  • Freedom
  • Safety
  • Health Care
  • Job Opportunities

Push factors for those may include:

  • Oppression
  • Safety
  • Religious Freedom
  • Uncertainty
  • Poverty
  • Education
  • Danger

(Mr. Abernathy)

First Nations, Metis, Inuit.

Because the full First Nations population is going down, i believe that the population of the Aboriginals will be a small percent, and if there are anymore natives they will all be Metis.

The Aboriginals will be almost extinct, not even having a language anymore let alone a culture. People wont be able to tell Natives from Non-Natives.