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Library Lady Leak v. 18

How do I appreciate thee? Let me count the ways.

Wow! Humbled, I am, that I work with such fine people.

1. I love how Ms. Ottosen, Ms. Wilson, Mrs. Amy Jones, and Mrs. Velazquez helped me out this summer with the library. With great ideas, good food and excellent help, we had a busy library. You've gotta love it!

2. If you have not been privy to Ms. Manceaux's laughter, you are missing out! You can't help but leave her company with a smile.

3. Ms. Hornor is a fabulous addition to the library staff. She had big shoes to fill and she is going above and beyond in making the library run smoothly.

4. All of you have really stepped up your PBIS game and it shows. The noise level in the hallway is perfect and hallway behavior has improved because you have set your expectations high. Thank you!

5. Mr. Sharon has graciously volunteered to help out during Book Fair week by taking the library classes for that week. That is the team spirit. Thank you!

6. Thank you Mr. Tobias for always being such a gracious gentleman.

7. A shout out to all the teachers who allow their adopt-a-shelf helpers to come lend a hand in the BCE Library. They really do help make our library a better place!

8. Fifth grade teachers, I appreciate how you took the change of your students being Morning Announcements presenters for the year with such ease. Thank you!

9. So, I know myself well enough to know that sometimes I am a bit too serious. Because of this, I never thought I was Sunshine Committee material. You all have made me so very happy for seeing in me what my family has always known...I am sunshine personified! Please do not take me seriously. I am just kidding. Thank you for this honor. I am humbled. (Oh, Lord, it's hard to be humble, when...JK)

10. Lastly, thank you to those of you who go out of your way to say hello or to share a smile as you pass by the library. It is simple gestures like this that make me feel at home. Mil gracias!

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Sign up for Promise to Read

We are thankful that, every year, hundreds of people have time to read to our children. Promise to Read brings Katy's business community into elementary schools each November for two weeks, allowing adults to share their love of reading and allowing children to indulge their love of being read to. From Alcott to Zalbern, wockets in pockets to monsters in closets, guest readers sit down in little chairs in front of little faces and the room is transformed.

Promise to Read is a tradition in Katy with many of our readers having participated since the program's inception in 1997. Some bring their own books from home – others let the librarian or teacher choose one for them. But in either case, Everyone agrees it's the best 30 minutes they'll spend all week.

On Thursday, November 17, our guest readers will be here to read to our students. Please sign up for your class at: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f054caea72da1fe3-promise

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The second Edcamp Katy conference will be on Saturday, October 8th at Cinco Ranch Junior High. You are invited to attend- and bring a friend (or two)!

For more details- including how to register- visit www.edcampkaty.com or follow @EdcampKatyTX or #EdcampKaty.

See you at Edcamp Katy 2016!

Any team interested in becoming the new home for a Melissa and Doug Wooden Tabletop Puppet Theater? Let me know.

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