Francisco Villa

By: Karina Corona

Who was he ?

Francisco Villa was known as Pancho Villa. He killed the guy who raped his sister, and became a bandit of Durango. He fled to the Sierra Madre Occidental. He was caught and had to be in the Federal Army. He then stole a horse and was known as Francisco (Pancho) Villa. Later on he became the caudillo of the North of Mexico and governor of Chihuahua. He stole money from rich people to give to the poverty.

What Did He Do ?

The Great Caudillero Del Norte

He started to fight back in 1910, against Francisco I. Madero. Pancho Villa and his army 'la Division Del Norte' fought against Porfirio Diaz. While Emiliano Zapata was in the South fighting against Porfirio also. When his army and him won, he gave land and money to the peasants. He gave them freedom, and got them out of what was poverty. Or at least helped them in something. He was one of the many revolutionists that gave Mexico freedom.