February Marauder Moments


Message from Dr. Avery and Miss Chaya

We are halfway through the year and looking ahead to days where we can once again be one big Marauder family. We have been planning our return process and look forward to sharing details with you soon.

The 20 week mark means students have two more marking periods to ensure their grades are where they'd like them to be. We have many options for extra help if needed, so please don't hesitate to reach out.

If your child gets to a point where they are unable to complete a class successfully, we will consider their eligibility for summer school. Summer school is intended to remediate gaps, but cannot replace an entire year's worth of learning. Here is the criteria we will use in determining if this will be appropriate and effective for your child's learning needs:

Students must have 2 of the following 3 criteria:

Final grade is 55 or higher

Teacher confirms the student has attendance at or above 80% starting the 2nd marking period.

Student engages in learning: participates in class, attends Office Hours or 1:1 support.

If a student does not meet the minimum criteria, we may consider other contributing factors in making this determination. A student may need to regain a full year's worth of learning, and repeat a course to have fully mastered the content. Again, please reach out now if you think we can support your child in having a more successful year.

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Tips For Parents of Children Returning to High Risk Sports

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Williamson Senior High School Track

Message from Coach Comstock

We have a great group and I've been extremely proud of the group both in their attitudes and their performance. Our seniors, Lydia Wyble, Claire Consadine, Sophia Konstantinou, Chris Korherr, and Brooklynn Brothers have all been great leaders for us. We're looking to hit our peak at our season ending League Championship meet on February 2.

Message to the Class of 2021

Hi everyone, it is time for us to start thinking a little bit about Graduation. You have a long way to go but a lot of planning and preparation goes on behind the scenes to make it happen. One of the first things you need to do is provide your measurements for Cap and Gown.


Below you will find information about ordering your Cap and Gown as well as a variety of other things from Jostens if you choose. Your cap and gown will cost you nothing when you order it. You only pay for additional items if you choose to order them at this time. Cap and Gown are a Senior expense that gets handled later in the year. There is a short video from Mr. Fitch that explains the process as well as links to the catalog. There are packages if you want to order shirts, invitations, extra tassels, etc. IF you only wish to provide the measurements for cap and gown and purchase nothing else follow these instructions:

1. Click on the "Cap and Gown Packages" button below.

2. Scroll down a little bit and look for the Cap and Gown Unit (Pic of red cap and gown). Click

3. Fill in your information, Click add to cart.

4. Click View Cart

5. Click Checkout

If you choose to buy any package it will include your cap and gown but not charge you at this time. You will fill in the info while you checkout. If you want to add something to your cap and gown you will only pay for that item at checkout. If you have ANY questions please email Mrs. Bodak or myself. You can also call Josten's directly. If you would like to get a paper packet I have them in my room. If you want to order a class ring I have the packets with the sizing rings in my room also.

WILLIAMSON Class of 2021!

Virtual Catalog


The Marauders Package!

Everything you'll love for your Senior year and need for graduation.

All in one convenient package.

Marauders Package

Not interested in the Marauders Package? Browse our other packages for your graduation needs and keepsake items.

Cap & Gown Packages


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Williamson Central School District

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Kudos To The Volunteer Club!

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Williamson Central PTSA News

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February Lunch Menu