Ms. Klein's Second Grade Newsletter

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

This week...

This week we are going to explore the question " How do plants grow and change?" In the informational text From Seed to Plant, we'll learn about the growth of a plant from a seed. In the informational text Super Soil, we'll learn how soil helps plants grow.

Target Vocabulary: pool, soak, shoot (noun), root (noun), nutrition, tasty, soften, grain

Phonics Skills: Words with au, aw, al, o, a

Vocabulary Strategy: Using context

Comprehension Skill: Text and graphic features - tell how words work with diagrams

Comprehension Strategy: Monitor/clarify find ways to figure out what doesn't make sense

Writing Focus: Informative/explanatory writing - research report.

Math: We will continue to work on our geometry unit this week. The students will work on cutting shapes apart, dividing rectangles into equal squares, and using whole and equal parts. Our Topic 12 test will be next Tuesday, March 29.

Box Tops Due end of March!

Upcoming Black Bob Dates

Tuesday March 22 C Day

Wednesday March 23 D Day

Grill Day

Thursday March 24 E day

Friday March 25 A day

Report Cards go home

3:00 pm BRAG rewards

Next week:

Happy Para Educators week!

Monday March 28 B day

Tuesday March 29 C Day

Wednesday March 30 D Day

3:30 STUCO

Thursday March 31 E Day

Friday April 1 A Day

BRAG rewards