Samuel Gettys


Where He Lived

He lived in Adams County growing up. After he got married he lived with his wife in Gettysburg. Gettysburg was named after him. His son james helped reverend dobbin fund, and lent his name to, to the town of gettysburg.

About him and His Family

Samuel Gettys was born in Cumberland, Adams, County Pennsylvania in 1706. He died in Gettysburg, Adams, Pennsylvania in 1790, he was 44 when he died. His dads name was Paul Geddes, no one knows who his mother was. He was married to Isabella Ramsey. They had 8 children. Mary, Elizabeth, William, James, Ann, John, Isabella, and Martha.

Facts About Samuel

He was a settler and tavern owner in the late 1780's. He gave funds to the continental army, but soon after they won, he was rich in land but had no funds. Samuel Gettys decided to sell off his plots of land in order to be finically stable. His son James, bought his land and sold it off in parcel lots.

What He Did For A Living

He owned a tavern business. He operated the first tavern in 1772. All men would go to the tavern to meet for business, to discuss politics, gamble, and gossip over healthy food and and bottle of wine. The tavern was the first town hall, news station, general store, and military station.