Marya Bogomolov

Coming up on 3!

Here is Part 3 of the continuing story! Enjoy!


I woke up early the next day to Ali practically screaming my name. When I finally heard clearly, I jerked awake.

"What!? What's wrong?" She stopped screaming and rolled her eyes.

"You are an idiot. Are you deaf? Listen!" I listened to the silence for a minute, and I realized that the generator was running quietly. The words of the bots from last night came back to me.

"Showers!" I exclaimed, heading for the door, craving the feeling of one. I hadn't had a shower for such a long time that I couldn't remember the last time I took one.

"You know it isn't hot, right? Whatever. You have 3 minutes Tristan. Get in and get out." She said my name again. It sent chills down my back. And she wasn't scared anymore, she sounded upset. Impatient. She's probably upset, stupid, I thought to myself as I walked into the bathroom, You interrupted her sleep last night, and she probably isn't used to having to live with someone else. I breezed through my shower, not wanting Ali to get even more upset at me. When I opened the door back up for her to take a shower, she ran in and almost pushed me out. About a minute and a half later she came out, her mangled brown hair almost sorted out neatly. She wore the same plainclothes as me, but looked 5 times better.

"Wow... You look-"

"Save it lovebird, no time for romance. You want to know me? Well, here's the story of me in the time period of a couple of hours. Or days. I guess we should start at the start... my first six years...."