Internship Program

Hill House Passport Academy Charter School

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Mission Statement

To prepare students at the HHPACS to be career ready upon graduation, through exposure to a multitude of career development opportunities.

Vision Statement

Our students have a professional mindset, are self-motivated and career ready.

Benefits for Your Business

There are numerous benefits for employers who partner with HHPACS Internship Program. Our goal is to ensure that all internships are mutually beneficial to the student and employer by providing access to bright, ambitious students.

  • Employers have the opportunity to recruit quality students and evaluate their performance before making a long-range employment comment. However, employers are not obligated to hire the intern upon graduation.
  • Reduced costs associated with recruiting and training potential permanent employees.
  • Close business partnerships established between employers and HHPACS.

Academic Learning Components

The foundation of the Internship Program are the Three Academic Learning Components

1. Career Exploration

- Field Trips, Classroom Lessons and Projects

2. Professional Etiquette Coaching

- Professional Dress Days, Business Lunch, and Mock Interviews

3. Internship Experience

- Job Shadowing and Internship Experience

Invest in the Lives of Youth Through HHPACS Internship Program?

If you are interested in one or more of the many different career exploration opportunities to impact the lives of our youth please contact Tashawn Nichols, Internship Coordinator at 412.376.3724 ext 1004 or