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Staff Newsletter for 2016-2017, Episode 2

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The start to our year has been a busy one and I know many of you have been met with unexpected challenges. Ashley and I are so proud of the way you've handled the unexpected and stayed committed to our students and to each other. I have seen you hold each other up and love each other in a way that makes me so proud of you. Your positive outlook and willingness to start fresh each new day is what makes you who you are as a staff and as an East family.

Your ability to be flexible and to problem solve has been tested time and time again these first 10 days. While I know that it may have seemed at times that there was no light at the end of the tunnel, I am here to tell you I felt the tide turn the end of this last week. Parent drop-off and pick-up is getting smoother each and every day, conversations are happening to put structures in place to make sure every child's needs are being met, and support teams are forming to make sure all you have what you need to effectively be able to do your job. So while I know that we aren't done yet, please know that we will continue to work hard to make East a place where you love to work and where our students love to learn.

You are a blessing to work with and I am amazed at what we have accomplished and it is only the third week of school! While I know the first 2 weeks have been about focusing on our professional goals, let's please not forget to hold each other up with our personal goals too. I want us to be able to do this work together for a very long time and that will only happen if we care for each other well. We love you all and look forward to the coming weeks!


Melissa and Ashley

TEAM EAST -- WE CAUGHT YOU LEARNING! (Click on a picture to see it up close)

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Your goal setting will be due in DMAC on September 16th. This is also the day you will need to turn in your signed appraisal letter to your appraiser - either Melissa or Ashley. We will discuss setting your account up in DMAC and the goal setting portion as a part of common planning if you are a grade level teacher. If you are not, Melissa and Ashley will visit with you at a different time. You can find the link to instructions by clicking here.
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College Days begin in October!

We will begin hosting a college day each month district wide to help our kids envision life after high school. The first Thursday of every month students and staff may wear their favorite college t-shirt (with jeans). Begin making your plans now so we can kick off College Day on Thursday, October 6th!
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CHAMPS Expectations

CHAMPS - Beginning Week 3

This week we have seen many students exhibiting evidence of the groundwork you have done related to our CHAMPS expectations. Please continue to hold students to the high standards we have and use the visual cues that are around the building as reminders of what we expect. Ashley and I are working to be intentional about praising behaviors we see both in and out of the classroom and reminding students who have forgotten.

If a student's behavior escalates to the point of you needing an administrator to be involved, please contact the office and allow us to come to you or to our designated behavior area.

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Looking Ahead: September Calendar

  • September 6: Grade Level Lead Meeting
  • September 12, 13, and 21: Vision Screenings
  • September 13: Design Team Lead Meeting
  • September 14: Bonus Team Meeting
  • September 16: Homecoming and Spirit Store Opens
  • September 16: T-TESS Goals and Appraisal Letter due to Melissa/Ashley
  • September 19: T-TESS Preconferences, Walkthroughs, and Observations begin
  • September 19 - 23: Fall Book Fair
  • September 20: Color Run Kick-off
  • September 20: Fall Parent Night - Meetings, Dinner, Volunteer Meeting, Book Fair
  • September 21: RtI Meetings
  • September 23: Bus of Blessing Kick-off
  • September 26: Parents may begin eating with students
  • September 28: Western Day Pictures
  • September 28: Faculty Learning and Positive Phone Contacts due
  • September 30: Western Day Activities

***Please see campus calendar for additional information and details.
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Have an AMAZING Week!