Lewis and Clark

By: TImber, Mason, Ethan and D.J

Lewis and Clark

1.Lewis was born in 1774 Aug,18 and died in 1809 Oct.11

Clark was born in 1770 Aug.1 and died in 1838 Sep.1

3.About their trip

.-The men on the journey were called Crops of discovery.

-They did not know what the grizzly bear or the prairie dog.

-It took them 863 days.

-They discovered 13 states.

4.Fun Facts

-Lewis was Thomas Jefferson's security.

3.Why did They go on Their Jorney?

Thomas Jefferson was the president at the time so he asked his secret secretary which was Lewis to go on the journey.

3.How did they Surrvive on there Journey.

-Lewis spent a lot of time in St. Louis gathering supplies.

-They started their expedition on May 14, 1804

1.Clark's Children

On their mission Clark met this girl named Sacagwea and he adopted her 2 kids named Jean an 10 year old boy and Lizzett a 1 year old girl. He also had 5 children with his wife Julie when she died Clark married Julies cousin and had 3 children with her. All together Clark has 10 children.

5.Thank you for watching