Thursday Exchange

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Life School Red Oak

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Calendar Of Events

September 19: North Texas Giving Day

September 22: Leadership Breakfast @ 8:30

September 26: Staff Development/ NO SCHOOL

September 27: SBG Night/Math Parent Night & Uniform Exchange Night

September 30: Birthday Friday & $1 Jean Day

From the Principal

Fall is almost here, and we have finished our 6th week of school! I am so proud of our students, and the hard work they have done thus far. Don't forget that North Texas Giving Day is coming up on Thursday, September 22--see my challenges below! Also, October is Volunteer Month at Life School, so look for some ways to volunteer at our campus--more information to come! Thanks for all you do! Enjoy your weekend!

North Texas Giving Day Challenges!!

All students who are able to bring $5, or more, on or before September 22nd will receive a free dress coupon to be used on Sept. 30th. Please go to for more information. If our campus raises $5,000 for NTGD, both of our AP's, Ms. Linscomb and Ms. Dillard, will kiss a PIG! If our campus raises $7,000 for NTGD, our principal, Ms. Shepherd will get taped to the wall! Let's have some fun and raise money for our school!

Title 1 Parent Compact Meeting

On Monday, September 19th at 9am please join us in Mangrum Hall as we create our Parent Compact for the 2016-2017 school year.

Couselor's Corner

Part of being responsible is learning to accept responsibility for our own actions and striving to be our best. Talk to your children about how they can be an example to younger siblings and other students when they practice responsibility in their academics and behavior. We don’t just benefit ourselves from our responsible behavior…others are always watching and we want to behave in ways that encourages and motivates others!

Friendly Reminder!!

Students may not be dropped off until 7:25 each morning. Please make sure that you keep students in your car, with you, until our morning arrival process begins. We do not supervise students that are dropped off prior to 7:25. Student safety is our number one concern, and with all of our construction going on, we don't want them to be unsupervised.

Don't Forget!

  • It is very important that you have your hang tag hanging from your mirror and student card visible each and every time you are picking up students.
  • All visitors will be required to submit a driver's license/ state id and have it scanned in order to be admitted into our campus. Please be prepared for this when you come to the office to check in.
  • We will be hosting an uniform resale/exchange shop on September 27th. All items will be sold for $1, please be sure to bring one dollar bills, we will not have change to give back. You will also be able to exchange up to 6 items.
  • Parents please do not drop your students off until our doors open at 7:25am.
  • Parents please remember for the safety of our students and staff cell phones are not permitted in the arrival or dismissal line.

From Our School Nurse:

Sickle Cell Awareness Month

What is Sickle cell? SCD is inherited in the same way that people get their eye and skin color.

A person with SCD is born with it, and it is estimated that 90,000 to 100,000 people in the United States, mainly African Americans are affected.

The most common complications of SCD is:

Pain episode or crisis: Since the sickle cells don’t move easily through small vessels and can get stuck or clog blood flow.

Other complications are infection, swelling of hands and feet, eye disease, stroke along with multiple other issues.

How is Sickle cell treated: The goal is to relieve pain and prevent infections, eye damage, and stroke.

To date the only cure for SCD is a bone marrow or stem cell transplant.

It is very important that a child with SCD be allowed to rest often, and allowed extra fluid breaks, and bathroom breaks thus allowing student to hydrate often will help prevent dehydration.

To get more information on SCD go online to the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America or call 1-800-421-8453.

Wendy Santos, R.N.


On Monday, September 19th tardies start at 7:55am. Please remember that you are able to use the back drop off line for all students. Choosing the back drop off lane will help for a faster arrival.