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for the Week of February 15th

Important Reminders for the Week of February 15th

1 Feb - 19 Feb 2016 -- Coupon Books Sale - Last day to turn in orders is Monday, 22 Feb 2016.

15 Feb 2016--School Closed for President's Day


16 Feb 2016--YWCA Presentations in 8th Grade Science

16 Feb 2016--Timecards must be approved by 3 PM

16 Feb 2016--HMS Baseball vs Helena @ Bud Newell Field

16 Feb 2016--HMS Softball vs Helena @ Natalie Bunn Field

18 Feb 2016--Girls Inc Presentations: Stress Management in Ware's Social Studies Classes

18 Feb 2016--Tornado/Fire Drill 7th Period

18 Feb 2016--HMS Baseball @ Chelsea

18 Feb 2016--HMS Softball @ McAdory

19 Feb 2016--Girls Inc Presentations: Stress Management in Sear's Social Studies Classes

19 Feb 2016--Progress Reports Mailed

19 Feb 2016--HMS Tennis vs Westminster @ Inverness Country Club

19-20 Feb 2016--Bragg Softball Tournament @ Fultondale Softball Park - See Coach McMillan for details

Reminders from the Principal

  • Professional behavior when interacting with students, parents AND each other is the expected norm not the exception. It is best to think before you react.
  • Wall containers for Units of Study have been posted in every classroom. All teachers are required to post their Unit(s) of Study for review. As we start our third week of review visits, several teachers have failed to post their Units of Study during the previous two weeks, we will begin issuing memos to teachers who are not meeting expectations this week.
  • We began the new advisory schedule the week of January 18th. For the week of February 15th, academic teachers will deliver Lesson 3 of Advisement Lessons on Thursday the 18th. The schedule for advisement lessons may be found in the link that follows this section.
  • Speaking of RTI, you as the classroom teacher have the final say as to what counts as a classroom assessment. Vocabulary quizzes do not have to be entered in the assessment category. It is your choice as the classroom teacher. Additionally, we should begin making more use of CompassLearning as our RTI tool. Remediation activities and assessments can be assigned through CompassLearning and students given a deadline as to when they need to have the work completed. The students would still have access to you as the teacher for questions. This is something all core teachers need to start using as the semester goes forward. By using more CompassLearning, we can start transitioning from using so much of our planning periods for RTI.
  • The Grade Recovery Contracts are due back to me from parents on the 16th. I hope to have the list of available students to you before I leave Tuesday afternoon.
  • All teachers are responsible for the information that we send out to you via email. "I forgot" or "I did not check my email" are not acceptable excuses.
  • Remember when entering grades for students currently assigned to the JCCLC, you will need to run a grade report from CompassLearning and enter their grades in INOW. The grades in CompassLearning are not weighted at the 75%/25% categories so you cannot simply take the overall grade from CompassLearning. You will need to enter the assessment average and the classwork average from CompassLearning in INOW to get an accurate grade for the students. Elective teachers (including PE) should have frozen the grade of any student sent to the JCCLC. Only assignments made prior to being sent and after the student returns count against the student when determining the students average.
  • Make sure you are updating your PLPs with evidence as you go. We do not want to get behind and wait until the last minute.
  • Make sure you are reviewing the duty roster each week. Morning duty begins at 7:20 not 7:30.

Christopher Anders

"Everything yields to diligence."--Antiphanes