Reading Books

Four paragraphs about reading(By: Ashley chandler)

Describing Books

Books are informational stories that bring you peace,knowledge,and imagination. Books help you in school and in life. Books give you hope and wonder. They leave you biting your nails and making you feel sad for the characters lives. Over all, I think books are the best.

How to pick the right book

When picking the right book you have to make sure it's at your level. How you tell that is by reading a few pages and if you don't understand any words it's not a good book for you. If you understand a lot of words it's good for you. Then you check the book out and start reading.
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Books Vs. Tablets

Everybody has heard about the big debate. Are you a person who likes looking at a screen or likes the feel of turning the page. There are a lot of pros about this topic. I personally like books but that's just me. The pro to having a book is that they don't ever " die" or lose it's charge. You can read a book whenever you want. The pro to reading a tablet is it's not as heavy as a real book. A tablet can store hundreds of books on it while a book only has one story. They both have great qualities but you can only chose one....................
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How reading helps you

If you read it opens up many opportunities, you might be able to be in reading clubs or get into good college. It can cause very good things to happen. Imagine if you couldn't read. You couldn't do anything! You always are reading when you don't even know it. I think everyone should read.